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Aribau Club 1
19:00 Mateo
Multisalas Sala 5
22:00 Gabbers!
Aribau Club 2


Immortal phrases and extreme youth faces at 200 bpm. The before and after of Rotterdam's hardcore techno warriors.

In his second documentary, Gabbers! (2013), director Wim van der Aar reuses a large part of that footage about the young dudes from Rotterdam that let rip for eternal weekends at 200 bpm propelled by hardcore techno, speed and pills and contrasts it with interviews with some of them almost two decades later. [Read more]

Q&A Radio Live Show

Our classic Q&A section (which enables the public to talk with thedirector about the film they've just seen at the cinema) has beentransformed into a new special format. The Q&A Live is a live radioprogramme, with directors and special guests (musicians andjournalists) and open to audience participation. During the program, you can here capsule extracts from the documentaries, withdeclarations, songs and atmospheres that we'll all discuss for 1 hour. Each Q&A Live will be recorded and can be listened to like a podcastvia our website. A new talking repertoire for the In-Edit Festival!

Welcome to In-Edit Beat!

In-Edit is the only network of documentary film festivals specialized in music on the planet. It’s 11 years of history, more than 400 films shown, hundreds of thousands of spectators congregating in our well consolidated editions in Barcelona (the largest event exclusively dedicated to the genre), Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Greece and soon Mexico, Poland and several other countries… And we toast them all. But taking the cue from Can’s kraut-disco classic from 1976 “We want more!”. We want our passion for music documentaries to reach all over the world all year round.  


And here is where In-Edit Beat comes in [Read more]

Breadcrumb Trail is the first if three documentaries at Beefeater In-Edit this year on albums that eclipse their own creators

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