Spandau Ballet en Barcelona

Next Monday, October 27th at 8:30 pm, Beefeater In-Edit presents the Spanish premiere Soul Boys of the Western World, about Spandau Ballet, with the presence of all the members of the band. Tickets available today at 4pm.

This year Beefeater In-Edit organizes an event open to audience's participation, and which kicks off with a live radio programme and winds up with musical performances, DJs...

Beefeater In-Edit will once again fill the cinemas with live music, in what we can define as the maximum of expression of all that is Beefeater In-Edit.

Join the intimate performance Gruff Rhys, screenwriter and lead actor of American Interior, will give in the Sala II of the Aribau Club. 

BUG is about giving big screen exposure to the most awe-inspiring, innovative and downright brilliant music videos being made around the globe today. 

This year our tribute goes to Dutch filmaker and producer Frank Scheffer with the projection of five of his works. 

Scheffer's varied filmography includes classical and electronical music, the analysis of different authors such as Zappa and many other genres.

One more year, In-Edit will be available in the three display screens of Barcelona (Aribau Club I and II, and Aribau Multisalas Sala 5), In-Edit TV (where you will find aprox 80% of our programme) and we'll also collaborate, once more, with Golem Cinemas in Madrid, Bilbao and Pamplona.

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