Important Notices

Only for people over 18 years old


You have to print your ticket before you go to thy cinema


If you buy a voucher online, covert it to a physic voucher just if necessary (if the voucher is a gift, or if you want to buy a ticket for a session that begins in less than one hour's time). Bear in mind that once you change your online voucher for a physic one, you won't be able to exchenge it online. 

The ticketing system

We run our own ticketing system so, before buying, we recommend you to read:



Ticketing Calendar

September 5th: Vouchers for Barcelona screenings are now on sale

September 22nd: We change the price of the vouchers.

October 7th: Vouchers are now on sale with regular prices. Also, vouchers can be exchanged now into tickets

October 9th: Single tickets go on sale

October 18th: Last day to buy FAN and VIP Vouchers

October 22nd: Central Box Office (24, Muntaner street) opens


*Central Box Office opening hours: From 4pm until de begining of the last session (on October 22nd we'll close at 9pm) 

Cinema's Party (Fiesta del Cine)

This year it so happens that The Fiesta del Cine coincides with our festival as we discovered after we'd designed our sales system. We could have approached the date in question as a challenge or as an opportunity - so we went for the latter option!

On October 27th, 28th and 29th (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), single ticket prices for the sessions that form part of The Fiesta del Cine will be 2,90€ at the Central Box Office and 3,50€ online (this includes distribution costs). In order to enjoy these discounts, you must follow the instructions on the Fiesta del Cine's website. Special sessions that coincide with these dates are excluded (Doc Alive, sessions with international guests, etc.).

TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS: As a voucher holder, you may be wondering if you'll have enough tickets with the voucher that you've purchased. Our advice is that if you're planning to buy an extra ticket, you do so for one of the "Fiesta del Cine" days to make the most of being a subscriber and of this single ticket offer. 

Single Tickets


Single tickets to be sold from this website from October 9th.



At Central Box Office ONLY single tickets are sold.

Wednesday, October 22nd: from 3 to 9pm.

From Thursday 23rd October to November 2nd: from 3pm to the start of the last screening of the day.



Since the incorporation of the advanced ticket sales system (on our website) our pricing policy (especially when it comes to single tickets) has simultaneously evolved. Just like in other areas, our aim is to improve the festival edition by edition, while upholding the various principles that govern our behaviour: comfort, adaptability and innovation.

We’re basing our pricing policy for the current edition on our own evolution (last year we incorporated the Valley and Digest sessions as the start of variable pricing at Beefeater In-Edit), and by paying attention to what’s happening around us (should cinema tickets always cost the same amount?).

For this last point, the proof is in the pudding: our Alliance with The Fiesta del Cine. As such, our single ticket pricing policy for this year’s festival is as follows (final price):



Central Box Office

 Cinema Box Office

Inaugural Gala (drink included)
7 € 7 €

Closing Gala (drink included)

7 €
7 €
National Selection
5,50 € 5,50 €
National Selection (Valley Sessions or under 52 minutes length)
4,50 € 4,50 €
Other Sections
6,50 € 6,50 €
Other Sections (Valley Sessions)
5,50 € 5,50 €
Other Sections (Valley Sessions films under 52 min lenght)
4,50 € 4,50 €
Fiesta del Cine (all sessions from October 27th - 29th)*
3,50 2,90 € X




  • Single Tickets: Public screenings at Aribau Club and Multicines Sala 5 from October 24th to November 2nd.
  • Valley Sessions: First Sessions (those beginning at 5-6 pm) from Monday to Friday, all venues. Due to the "Fiesta del Cine", this years the Valley Sessions will only include the first sessions of Thursday 30th and Friday 31st October
  • *Fiesta del Cine: From Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th October, except special sessions (Doc Alive, Sessions with international guests, etc)
  • As you can see by the number of "X", NO tickets are sold in the cinemas.


Madrid, Bilbao and Pamplona

Some films in the Festival will be screened also in Madrid, Bilbao and Pamplona, thanks to the collaboration with Golem Cinemas.


Click here to check the programme.


These tickets will be sold independently by Golem ticketing system.


Buy your tickets here:


Entradas GOLEM Yamaguchi (Pamplona)


Entradas GOLEM Alhóndiga (Bilbao)


Entradas GOLEM Madrid



You can exchange your Vouchers online from October 7th (from 7pm)
You can exchange the Vouchers in the Ticket Office from October 22nd. 


  Basic Voucher

Medium Voucher

 Large Voucher

FAN Voucher VIP Voucher

Nº of tickets (Barcelona Cinemas)

5 8 12

1 x film 

2 x film

Films you can watch online (IN-EDIT TV)

1 2 3 5 5 x 2
Vouchers exchange date October 7th
Selling point
It can be shared
Includes Opening Session X X X
Includes Closing Session X X X
Avoid queue (only Sala 5) X X X
Welcome Pack X X X
Special events (payment) X X X

Preferencial access to Parallel Activities (free)


Madrid, Bilbao and Pamplona sessions


For sale at Central Box Office

Valid for Golem Cinema X X X X X







110€ *


200€ *


* FAN and VIP Vouchers for sale until October 18th. 

General FAQ about ticketing

When can I buy Vouchers and Tickets ONLINE?

VOUCHERS: They are already available on our website. You can begin to exchange them from Tuesday October 7th.

SINGLE TICKETS: Available from Thurdsay, October 9th. 


When does the Central Box Office open? 

From Wednesday October 22nd, from 3pm until the begining of the last session, we'll be, without interruption, at the Central Box Office at 24, Muntaner Street (On the 22nd we'll close at 9pm) 


Where can I buy the tickets?

If you want to buy the tickets in advance, you can only do so through our website, as the Center Box Office will open just one day before the begining of the festival.

On our website you can both buy Single Tickets or Voucher(s).

You can buy / exchange a ticket until three hour before the beginning of the session. After that time, you'll have to buy it at our Central Box Office (if availability). 


How can I buy Single Tickets and Vouchers online? 

In the upper right corner of any screen of our website you'll find a link ("My Account") from where you can entry to your Account. You can either sign up ("I am a new user")  or Login with your email and password.

Once you're in, you can buy tickets, vouchers or exchange vouchers. Bear in mind that you must always print your ticket in order to enter in the cinema (be sure the QR code on the entry does not get spoiled) 


Must I print the ticket?

YES, as a matter of fact, this is the only way you'll be able to enter the movie theater. Take care of the QR code, it has to be in good conditions for us to validate the ticket.


Must I print each ticket? 

YES, you have to print each ticket. For each fillm there's a ticket, you have to bring as many tickets as films you are going to watch. 

Do not confuse the entries you take to the movies, we wouldn't like to upset you if the entry is not the right one. At the top of each printed ticket is the identifying information


Are the tickets numbered? 

NO. We recomend you come to the movies at least 15 minutes earlier, so you can choose seat. 


How can I assist to the Inaugural Gala?


The Inaugural Gala is a special session, where guests and sponsors of the Festival are invited. Nevertheless we normally have some seats left. You can buy the tickets from October 9th onwards on our website.

Bear in mind that tickets to the Inaugural Gala are not included on the Basic, Medium and Large Voucher, therefore either you have a FAN or VIP Voucher, or you'll have to buy the single ticket for this session (online or at our Central Box Office) 


How can I assist to the Closing Gala?

The Closing Gala will take place on November 1st at 10pm, and will include the projection of "20,000 Days on Earth". You can buy the tickets from October 9th onwards on our website.


Bear in mind that tickets to the Inaugural Gala are not included on the Basic, Medium and Large Voucher, therefore either you have a FAN or VIP Voucher, or you’ll have to buy the single ticket for this session (online or at our Central Box Office)


I can't make it to a session, can I change the ticket? 

NO. We have different selling channels wich compels us to be very careful about the limit of the movie theater. We can't either change your ticket nor return you your money.    


Can a film be sold out because of the online purchsing channel? 

NO. We know there are people who like to visit us so we always save some entries of every film at the Central Box Office 

Nevertheless, on our Program Page you’ll be able to check if the tickets are available online, at the Central Box Office, or if there’s no availability.

FAQ Single Tickets


Can I buy Single Tickets in advance? 

YES. From October 9th you can buy the single tickets in our web, prices between 4,50 and 7€ each.

On October 22nd we'll open our Central Box Office (24 Muntaner street) where you can also buy single tickets.

On the ocasion of the "Fiesta del Cine" (Cinema's Party) on the 27th, 28th and 29th October, single tickets will cost 2,90€ at our Central Box Office, and 3,50 if you buy them online (we've had to charge the distribution expenses)


Can I buy Single Tickets ONLINE the same day of the session?  

YES, but only until three hour aprox before the beginning of the session. Bear in mind that you can always buy the tickets at our Central Box Office with no temporary restrictions. 


Can I buy Single Tickets at the cinema? 

NO. You'll have to buy the tickets at our Ticket Window (very close to Aribau Multicines and Aribau Club) or buy the ticket online and bring the printed entry with you.


¿Are there any discounts for the Single Tickets?

The festival offers general discounts for those early risers. On the other hand, Beefeater In-Edit will join the "Fiesta del Cine" (Cinema's Party). Therefore:

"Fiesta del Cine" Sessions: From Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th October, single tickets will cost 2,9'€ if bought at our Central Box Office and 3,50 if bought online (we've had to charge the distribution expenses)

"Valley" sessions are the first sessions from Monday to Friday. Due to the "Fiesta del Cine", this year Valley Sessions include only those taking place on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st October. These sessoins will cost 4,50€ (National Selection) or 5,50€ (other Selections or films under 52 minutes length)

FAQ Vouchers

What are the benefits of buying a Voucher? 


You can exchange your Voucher for tickets sooner than other users, and the price per ticket will be cheaper than if buying a single one.

The larger the Voucher is the cheaper each single ticket is too.

In addition, Vouchers include credits for our Online Screen, IN-EDIT TV (, which will help you to organise more accurately your timetable. 

With the FAN and VIP Voucher you’ll also be able to join us at the special events like the Inauguration and Closing Gala, Doc Alive, etc


Can I buy Vouchers ONLINE during all the Festival? 

Vouchers will be available during all the Festival EXCEPT for the FAN and VIP Voucher, that will be available until October 18th.

Bear in mind that you can exchange your Voucher for single tickets until aprox three hour before the beginning of that session. If you want to exchange your Voucher at our Central Box Office, you can convert your “online” Voucher to a “physic” one through our website. Once you do so, print it and visit us at the Central Box Office (from Oct. 22nd onwards) and we’ll exchange it for as many sessions as you like (if availability). Once you change your online Voucher for a physic one, you won’t be able to exchenge it for single tickets online.


Can I buy online tickets during all the Festival?  

YES, but bear in mind that you can only buy single tickets or exchange your Voucher for single tickets until aprox three hour before the beginning of that session. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy them at the Central Box Office.


If there is no availability for a film online, do I loose my tickets? 


NO. If you can't get an online ticket (meaning there's a yellow icon on the schedule) you can always change your online Voucher for a Physic one, print the document and come to Central Box Office to exchange it for the entry you want. 

Bear in mind that if the icon in the schedule is red, it means that there are no tickets left online or at our Central Box Office.


Can I buy Vouchers at your Central Box Office? 

NO, Vouchers are only available online. 


Can I enter the movie theater with a Voucher? 

NO, you must always exchange your Voucher for single tickets.


Can I share a Voucher?


Basic, Medium and Large Vouchers are not personal, so you can share them with other people, for the same or different sessions.

FAN Voucher is personal and the VIP Voucher includes an entry for you and the companion you choose. 


Does the Voucher guarantee me entry for any session?

NO, you'll always have to exchange your Voucher for a ticket.
Vouchers will be available for exchange from October 7th, and Single Tickets will be for sale from October 9th, this gives you preference in exchanging the Voucher, but don't wait too long to do so.

Can a Voucher be exchanged for different tickets?

Basic, Medium and Large Vouchers: YES, if you want you can exchange your whole Voucher for tickets for different films or for just one film and share it with your colleagues.

FAN Voucher: You can only exchange it for one ticket per sessions.

VIP Voucher: You can exchange it for two tickets per session (one for you and the other one for the companion you choose)  

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