Antoine Prum :: This comes from accepting failure" />

Taking The Dog For A Walk

Director Antoine Prum
Luxembourg, United Kingdom / 128 min. / 2014 / English


A brilliant film that illuminates the English free improvised music scene, from the '60s to today. We discover the playful catechism of a celebratory scene. The far out becomes familiar: "This comes from accepting failure", but also from rupture, repetition and equality. 

A brilliant film that illuminates the most mysterious English movement (for those unfamiliar with it): the free improvised music scene. "You must investigate the unfamiliar until it becomes familiar" - one of the community's commandments - could also be the slogan for this film. A documentary that delves with immense humour (sharp, dry, understated: quintessentially English) into a genre that's tricky to put into words if we merely stick to the theory. The glory of Taking the Dog For a Walk lies in its ability to pinpoint the playful catechism of spontaneous music, the sunny, mischievous, adventurous side of these gents with respectable accents and tweed suits. "We don't try to achieve anything, just to make beautiful music" - pipes up one of them. There are neither routines nor scores, there are neither leaders nor rules, but above all, there's no goal. We see the evolution from the '60s till today, with Lox Colhill, Derek Bailey, Eddie Prevost and many others, keeping the scene "pure, intense and defiant". Comedian Stewart Lee guides us, with Thurston Moore in cahoots. We learn to value the celebratory, fun-loving heart of an underground style and scene. The far out becomes familiar: "This comes from accepting failure", but also from rupture, repetition and equality. A lively look at a radical style.


Antoine Prum has already brought his delicacies to In-Edit with Sunny's Time Now (2008). He also directed the short film Mondo Veneziano (2005). 

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Showing format

in festivals
In-Edit 2014, East End Film Festival 2014

Steve Beresford, Adam Bohman, Eileen Boyes, Sarah Gail Brand, Karen Brookman-Bailey, John Butcher, Lol Coxhill, Rhodri Davies, Max Eastley, John Edwards, Alexander Hawkins, Caroline Kraabel, Phil Minton, Thurston Moore, Maggie Nicols, Steve Noble, Eddie Prévost, Mark Sanders, Alan Tomlinson, Roger Turner, Alex Ward, Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston, Richard Williams

Antoine Prum, Theo Thiesmeier, Marc Recchia

Carlo Thiel, Nikos Welter

Sound designer
Maikôl Seminatore

Music supervisor
Tony Bevan

Paul Thiltges, Antoine Prum

Film company
Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu Productions

Film distributor
Paul Thiltges Distributions

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