BCN, ¿Sello Discográfico?

Director Alicia Álvarez , Isabel Francoy
Spain / 48 min. / 2014 / Spanish, Catalan, French

A film made on iPhone and Super 8 that analyses the creative cauldron that is Barcelona. The nexus is electronic music. David M, Downliners Sekt, Clip!, Wooky, Abu Sou, Uxuka & Dr.Res and Alizzz ask: Is there a Barcelona sound? Has its spatial context an influence on it?

A film made on iPhone and Super 8, and completed via crowdfunding that attempts to analyze Barcelona as musical and creative cauldron. The nexus is electronic music, although architects, producers DJs, ethnomusicologists, music journalists and pro scenesters also parade through here. Some visions differ ("It's like a village" affirms one contributor, another emphasizes its metropolis characteristic), but the coincidences don't lie: this city has something. The warmth, the mix of cultures, the weather, the lack of aggression and the benevolent character of its citizens; but also excessive rental prices and asphyxiating tourism. And among all this, we find Barcelonese electronic music. This film speaks of neighborhoods, of style, of Moog vs. Dot, of how the scene is based on collaboration rather than rivalries (like in the '90s), of how the sounds pass from one to another like a wave, like "a yawn". The shamans of the spinning deck are all here, as well as the cohorts and bards: David M, Downliners Sekt, Clip!, Wooky, Abu Sou, Uxuka & Dr.Res, Alizzz, Vanity Dust, the architects Pepo Chillida and José Zabala, the music critic Mónica Franco and many more. Is there a Barcelona sound? Has its spatial context an influence on it? The answer is right here. 

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Javier Blánquez, Carles Novellas, David Puente, Mónica Franco, Vanity Dust, Alizzz, BeGun, Headbirds, Clip!, NX1, Wooky, bRUNA, Monki Valley, The suicide of Western Culture, Downliners Sekt, Pau Roca, Gus Van Sound, David M, Abu Sou, José Zabala, Nacho Toribio, Josep Ferrando, Pepo Chillida, Francesc Dalmau i Domenech, Javier Lopez Rey, Disboot, Spa.RK, Galleta Records, Discos Paradiso, Francis Borgés, Sílvia Martínez

Alicia Álvarez, Isabel Francoy

Guillem Villaró

Isabel Francoy

Sound designer
Alicia Álvarez, Marta Durruti, Isabel Francoy, Guillem Villaró

Music Composer
Monki Valley

Music supervisor
Alicia Álvarez

Alicia Álvarez, Isabel Francoy

Film company
Alicia Álvarez, Isabel Francoy

Film distributor
Alicia Álvarez, Isabel Francoy

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