Lambert and Stamp

Director James D. Cooper
United States / 117 min. / 2014 / English


A friendship that changed rock. Kit Lambert (upper glass, gay) and Chris Stamp (working class, straight) join forces as managers of The Who, moulding both group and audience. A profound and vibrant piece, choc full of awesome anecdotes and profound observations. Mods, youth, rebellion, The Who, class, pop, art: It’s all here.


Kit Lambert (upper class, gay) and Chris Stamp (working class, straight) decided to abandon their budding film careers to become managers of The Who, in a job switch that would alter pop music forever. Lambert & Stamp is an essential study to understand the ways in which an agent can intervene in the career of an artist. Thanks to both of these chaps, The Who came to us as they did; the duo moulded the group and its audience. They had all the ideas:  the one about converting the band into a "mirror" of the mod guerrilla; the emphasis on youth revolt and anti-authoritarianism; that Townshend should write his own songs; the destruction of instruments; the aesthetic details, be they the band's logo or its name (they were about to call themselves The Hair & The Who but Lambert said it "sounded too much like a pub"); the symphonic suggestions and the rock opera. It was all their doing; right down to the song selection. A profound, vibrant film, bursting with anecdotes and deep reflections. Mods, youth rebellion, The Who, class, pop, and art: pure joy.



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O.V. subtitles in Spanish

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in festivals
Sundance Film Festival, Victoria Film Festival, Chattanooga Film Festival, Belfast Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, New Zealand Film Festival, New Horizons Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, Soundtrack_Cologne, Filmfestival Hilversum, IndieCork Film Festival, Braunschweig Film Festival.

Starring Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert and featuring interviews with Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Terence Stamp, Richard Barnes, Heather Daltrey, John Hemming, Robert Fearnley-Whittingstall and Irish Jack.

Christopher Tellefsen

James D. Cooper

James D. Cooper, Douglas Graves, Loretta Harms

Film company
A Motocinema Harms, Cooper Production

Film distributor

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