Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove

Director Joe Nick Patoski
United States / 82 min. / 2015 / English


The inimitable Doug Sahm and his search of “groove” (everything that floats his boat). At times it looks like he’s nailed it, but the industry is thankless and cruel. From the Sir Douglas Quintet to inventing progressive country, being admired by Dylan and winding up – bitter – singing “Bavarian baby” in Germany. Failure or triumph for integrity?  


The inimitable Texan musician Doug Sahm and his eternal search for "Groove" (or "things that float his boat") drag him through the bramble bushes. At times it looks like he'll nail it, but the industry is thankless and he is tricky to pin down as he "couldn't stick at one thing for very long") and so the whole thing goes belly up. Sahm founds The Sir Douglas Quintet and acquires an air of British royalty (they were all Hispanics), and hits the heights with "She's about a mover" but gets swindled by his manager: is admired by Dylan, and then lands his ass in jail for a few spliffs: signs up for Californian hippyism, but ends up out to lunch on acid; has a giant hit with "Mendocino", but returns to his native San Antonio to find nothing but police brutality and a divorce awaiting him: in Austin he invents progressive country music in cahoots with Freddy Fender, although nobody would remember this; is signed by Atlantic, then his debut as a total washout and he winds up – bitter and twisted – singing songs like "Bavarian baby" for German fans. Failure or victory for integrity? Both. And a hefty helping of shitty luck.  


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Doug Sahm, Shawn Sahm, Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers, Ernie Durawa, George Rains, Alvin Crow, Bill Bentley, Ray Benson, Spot Barnett.

Joe Nick Patoski, Jason Wehling

Cody Ground

Yuta Yamaguchi

Dawn Cooper

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