La Muerte en La Alcarria

Director Fernando Pomares
Spain / 83 min. / 2015 / Spanish


The Cubero brothers: suited and booted freaks of traditional music, star in a black and white film that’s pure auteur cinema. Lost in La Alcarria, without uttering a single word (only singing in concert), the Cuberos encounter phantasms, olive trees, ghost towns, and deserted highways, Like a Paris, Texas (or Jarmusch) in silence and Spanish. 

Words are weariness. That's how the two Cubero brothers – booted and suited anomalies of bluegrass and traditional music – roll, when their car breaks down in the middle of The Alcarria. Without opening their mouths – bar the string of songs they perform live – the brothers start to walk, heroes of a black and white film that's pure auteur cinema. Like a Paris, Texas in silence and Spanish. Like Jim Jarmusch with the echo of mandolins. Lost out on the steppe, the Cuberos sing and square up to phantoms, enigmatic beings, nocturnal fears, olive trees, ghost towns and deserted highways. Sacristies and weeds. They lunch in the shade, and then continue on foot, instrument cases in hand, and dust-covered shoes. The viewer can't tell if it's a dream: the protagonists' faces don't betray the slightest emotion. Only when they approach the mics, can they be heard… and my word… A passage through Spanish limbo at the hands of the most unique duo in Spanish pop music. 

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Showing format

in festivals
Visions Du Réel, Différent 8!, Nancy-Lorraine, Cinematik, London Spanish Film Festival.

Enrique Ruiz Cubero, Roberto Ruiz Cubero.

Fernando Pomares

Diana Toucedo

Albert Badia

Sound designer
Enrique G. Bermejo, Javier R. Cortés, Oriol Campi

Music Composer
Los Hermanos Cubero

Alèxia Bas

Film company
Travelogue Studio

Film distributor
Travelogue Studio

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