All You Need Is Love. The Beatles

Director Tony Palmer
United Kingdom / 51 min. / 1977 / English


Episode 17 in Tony Palmer’s history of pop. The Beatles! Analyzed shortly after they broke up! From The Cavern to Maharishi, from George Martin to Derek Taylor, from “Love me do” to “All you need is love”, the director conjures a vision of the Fab 4 that’s more profound, cohesive and revolutionary than anything we’ve seen before.


All You Need Is Love is Episode #17 of Tony Palmer's famous history of pop music. Here, the director examines…The Beatles! Shortly after their breakup! Palmer doesn't waste a single shot, and every minute of the footage is essential viewing. It is, to cut a long story short, their story in their own words, and those of their nearest and dearest. McCartney speaks fondly of the Hamburg days. Lennon highlights the ideas of George Martin, their producer ("he asked us: have you ever heard an oboe?") Martin himself reveals how weak he found their early demos ("Only 'Love me Do' was worth saving".) Roger McGuinn (The Byrds) unleashes his Beatlemania. Derek Taylor, the band's publicist, gives the most moving unheard speech about the four. And from there to the dark U-turn of hippyism, the rejection of the old order, repression in the USA and "All You Need Is Love" via satellite ("Pop never had a better moment", Taylor dixit). A more cohesive and revolutionary vision of the Fab 4 than the stuff we're used to.



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Showing format

The Beatles, The Animals, The Byrds, Donovan, Brian Epstein, Roger McGuinn, The Beach Boys, Ravy Shankar, The Mamas and the Papas, etc

Tony Palmer

Les Young

Music Composer
John Lennon, Paul McCartney

Richard Pillbrow, Neville Thompson

Film company
Isolde Films

Film distributor

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