Bird On A Wire

Director Tony Palmer
United Kingdom / 105 min. / 1974 / English


The Dont look back of Cohen. A unique vision of the singer-songwriter in the midst of his jinxed 1972 world tour, grappling with groupies on heat, weathering hostility from promoters and contemplating the meaning of everything. And the songs: “Suzanne”, “Sisters of mercy”, “So long Marianne”... A sage of pop music captured at a crucial moment.


Cohen's Dont Look Back. A unique vision of the singer-songwriter in the throes of his jinxed 1972 world tour, when he embarked on an exhausting circuit of 20 cities, from Dublin to Jerusalem. If it weren't for the fact we don't believe in these things, we'd blame the evil eye: when he wasn't plagued by serious technical problems, it was hostile promoters, violent security guards, grumbling fans or hell-for-leather groupies. In the midst of it all a patient Cohen, takes it all on-board, philosophically, and contemplatively (on stage and in private), concerning his art, concerning success ("success is survival"), concerning his connection to all those songs "I'm condemned to repeat them, like some parrot chained to its stand.") concerning how a song can "become inhabitable when you lose contact with the emotion." And he jokes, he laughs at himself, and about his crooked halo, and all those setbacks ("I've dishonoured myself, Tony"). And of course, he plays: "Suzanne", "Sisters of Mercy", "So Long Marianne"... A sage of pop music, caught at a crucial moment.  


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O.V. subtitles in Catalan

Showing format

Grierson Prize.

Leonard Cohen, Ron Cornelius, Bob Johnston, Peter Marshal, David O'Connor, Jennifer Warnes, Donna Washburn.

Tony Palmer

Tony Palmer

Les Young

Music Composer
Leonard Cohen

Martin J. Machat, Steven Machat

Film company
Isolde Films

Film distributor

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