All My Loving

Director Tony Palmer
United Kingdom / 55 min. / 1968 / English


Palmer looks at pop through 1968 eyes, giving voice to critics, preachers and crowned monarchs. A priest compares London to Sodom and Gomorra, while McCartney talks about using his power for good. Classical music begins its descent. Along the way, we hear live hits by Cream, The Beatles, The Who and Eric Burdon.


In this outstanding film, Tony Palmer looks at pop through his 1968-tinted lens, and seals it in amber at a decisive moment. It's like reading an article about the time-period without the hindsight that comes with the passing of the decades, and where all its key players are framed in context. All my Loving gives voice to the naysayers, practitioners and crowned kings. It's easy to forget the rejection that pop-music provoked back then: a priest compares Swinging London with Sodom and Gomorra, an authority figure defines pop as "the grotesque mumblings of drug-sodden youth" (cue laughter). At the other end of the spectrum, the good guys: McCartney talks about using his power for the greater good, Kit Lambert muses on how opera's time has come and gone, and claims that pop is "today's classical music." Manfred Mann grumbles about the tabloids, Pete Townshend shows the audience his "frustrated character". Cream, The Beatles, The Who and Eric Burdon ring out. Oh, and Anthony Burgess emerges as pop's public enemy #1. Who would have dared to say it, if it weren't for Palmer?



This documentary will be shown along with The Wigan Casino

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O.V. subtitles in Spanish

Showing format

The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, Donovan, Frank Zappa, Eric Burdon.

Tony Palmer, Graham Bunn

Phil Meheux

Tony Palmer

Film company
Isolde Films

Film distributor

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