Director Tony Palmer
United Kingdom / 91 min. / 1987 / English


Callas, super-soprano, proud yet insecure, at loggerheads with the press and prisoner of a torturous affair with shipping magnate Aristo Onassis, lived much like a character in her arias. This is the incredible story of her spirit, art, eternal internal battle, and of the men that shaped and adored her. And broke her.  


Maria Callas, the Greek-American super-soprano lived like a character from an opera. Her story is an aria. Welcome to one "of the great tragic love stories of our times", as the film states. This is the incredible saga of her spirit, art, eternal internal battle, and of the men that shaped her and adored her. And broke her. You'll discover metamorphosis and rebirth: from the obese soprano that "looked like the Statue of Liberty" to a kind of operatic Audrey Hepburn. You'll discover the directors that took care of her (like Visconti), and the gigolos that duped her: how she was a prisoner of a stormy affair with the shipping magnate Onassis ("I'm at his mercy, I'm like a virgin", she claimed, helpless) that would dominate her entire life. She experienced the death of her characters, fought tooth and ail with the press, was misunderstood and slurred. But, despite it all, she kept her dignity, her character, her presence and her VOICE. Tony Palmer satisfies our humungous post-mortem fascination for Callas, once and for all.

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Maria Callas, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Carlo Maria Giulini, Tito Gobbi, Grace Kelly, Anna Magnani, Luchino Visconti, Franco Zeffirelli.

Tony Palmer

Nic Knowland

Music Composer
Giacomo Puccini, & others

Tony Palmer

Film company
Isolde Films

Film distributor

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