Dusminguet i la patxanga jonda

Director Ferran Aromí Folch, Messidor Rodriguez, Miguel Ciprés
Spain / 90 min. / 2015 / catalan, spanish


Rave against the machine. Squat heroes and the nightmare of their homegrown record label, these dudes from La Garriga were “world farmer music from the valleys”, rebel ranchers and reggae with bulerías. The most laid back, committed, pioneering boletaire mestizo group, in all its glory, and with all band members present. God save the jondo.

"Partying is what freaks out the authorities", claim Dusminguet, summing up life. Dusminguet has always been the most endearing and incorruptible group of so-called Barcelonese "fusion". And speaking of fusion, these chaps from La Garriga, always preferred to label themselves "world farmer music from the valleys", "deep patxanga" or "rebel ranchers". It's all the same. This film reveals the DNA of the smuggest, most rebellious, peculiar and boletaire fusion band that ever way, seen in its entirety, with all members present. How they evolved from being a bizarre dance band (chachacha with drum'n'bass?) to squat heroes, Virgin's eternally misunderstood flock ("it's just that you're real freaky"), and #1 pachangas on the scene. This is a story of discovery, of vision (Xavier Boixader illuminated the path), of FRIENDSHIP (in capitals), innocence and feats. Through a trip to score hash in Morocco,  various penniless European tours, multinational anxiety and atrocious accidents. Ultra jondo, you can bet your life on it.

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Ferran Aromí Folch, Messidor Rodríguez, Miguel Ciprés

Messidor Rodriguez, Ferran Aromí

Alejandro Moral, Gerard Escalante, Jose Luis Inventor

Sound designer
Ferris Aromí

Music supervisor
Ferris Aromí

Film company
Associcació No Music No Life

Film distributor
Associcació No Music No Life

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