Fort Pienc

Director Xavier Puig Guitart , Raimon Fransoy Cusí
Spain / 28 min. / 2017 / Catalan


A captivating and casual stroll through Barcelona's powerful jazz scene, with performances by some of its most active members and / or those with the greatest international reach.



In the first sequence of this mid-length film, cultural journalist and jazz lover Roger Roca explains that when a musician declares beyond our borders that he is a jazz musician from Barcelona, ??his counterparts first assume "you be starving" followed by, "you must be one hell of a musician". In order to appreciate the reason behind the international prestige treasured by the Barcelona jazz scene, Roca himself gives insights into some of it brightest and most active stars, who we then get to see playing in the Jamboree room. The line-up includes Jordi Rossi (one of the most successful jazzmen outside of Spain), trumpeter Raynald Colom (in full search among the fields of American black music, hip hop and electronics),  double bassist Giula Valle’s ensemble, trumpeter and singer Andrea Motis, pianist Agustí Fernández (already established on the international improvisation circuit) with percussionist Núria Andorrà, drummer Ramon Prats’ quartet, saxophonist Gorka Benítez’ trio, the Mut Trío project by drummer Oriol Roca, and pianist Marco Mezquida with trumpeter Felix Rossi. And "seeing them play, says it all". Here, the highest carat jazz is made and someone simply had to document it.


Entradas BCN


Showing format

Núria Andorrà, Gorka Benítez, Raynald Colom, Agustí Fernández, Marco Mezquida, Andrea Motis, Oriol Roca, Fèlix i Jordi Rossy, Ramon Prats i Giulia Valle, entre d'altres


Sound designer

Music Composer
Several artists

Film company
Elsabeth S.C.P.

Film distributor

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