El passat és un error

Director Vicenç Ferreres
Spain / 75 min. / 2018 / Català, Castellà, Anglès

Immersion in the music and philosophy of life of Pentina't Lula, a trio that embodies the riot grrrl spirit in the Barcelona  underground of garage-punk, new wave, combative attitude and loadsa humor.

After many long years of classical musical training at the Conservatory that made them hate the piano, sisters Anna and Laia Pantinat catalyze their "trauma" with short, dissonant and aggressive songs, and pungent and ironic lyrics that promote feminism and freedom of expression. Together with Lula Thomas, they form the band Pentina't Lula and, from the self-management and cooperativism of the Repetidor label, aspire to build a Catalan new wave scene and to have a damn good laugh at everything. While the camera follows them in their daily chores  giving music lessons to kids, reading poetry or being runners for other groups  Pentina't Lula speak frankly and selflessly about the joys and woes of being rock band in the "ultra-precarious" underground of the Catalan capital, the "inexhaustible source of rage" that the daily experience of the prevailing machismo implies, or of artists of reference for them, like Guillermina Mota, Nina Hagen, Siouxsie Sioux or Silvia Escario (Last Spring) And also to rethink the past and reach 40 doing what you really love and not what you’re supposed to be doing.



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Showing format

Pentina't Lula, Panotxa, Cataplàusia

Vicenç Ferreres

Anthony Alnowara, Helena Torrent, Helena Pielias, Angela Ulloa, Nando Caballero, Anna Casacuberta

Sound designer
Roger Riera

Film company
Plans Films

Film distributor

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