O espírito de Pucho Boedo

Director Lois Patiño
Spain / 66 min. / 2018 / Español

In true "fly on the wall" style, we sneak into the Sevillian villa with the pool where the once punk trio Novedades Carminha Carminha is intent on finding the boogiest and most tropical sound of their career.

Locking themselves in for days in Seville’s La Mina studio, located in a seventies style villa with a large pool, forces members of the Galician punk-pop group Carminha Novedades to think about the songs all the time. And so, we find them living and breathing their new album 24 hours a day. Whether they are taking a bath, boiling pasta or prepping the coals for a barbecue, the conversation inevitably turns to how to finish putting together that reggae-gypsy track or to clarify if
that other one has a lot of cumbia or asks for some Peruvian chicha. Carlangas, Jarri, Xavi and other invited musicians propose to find a tropical-influenced sound that makes the audience dance their asses off. The camera becomes invisible and allows the viewer to be another member of the household, watching how they spend their time polishing a version of "A Santiago Voy" by Los Tamara and invoking the spirit of La Coruña crooner Pucho Boedo, legend of the Galician song.


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Showing format

Novedades Carminha

Lois Patiño

Sound designer
Juan Carlos Blancas

Film company
Lois Patiño

Film distributor
Lois Patiño

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