Lisbon Beat

Director Rita Maia, Vasco Viana
Portugal / 66 min. / 2019 / Portuguese

An ensemble of the music of Afro-descendants living in the suburbs of Lisbon. A hearty mixture of kuduro, funaná, afrohouse, batida, trap and neighbourhood pride that vindicates the cultural contribution of people with roots in the former Portuguese colonies.

The "Bairros de lata" were the slums where hundreds of thousands of migrants lived when they arrived in Lisbon from the former African colonies, after they gained independence from Portugal in the mid-70s. Dismantled in the 90s, the inhabitants were relocated to new neighbourhoods at the edge of the city, with virtually no public services. This film takes us to these peripheral ‘hoods to discover the different kinds of music, from folk to electronic and urban, created by several generations with roots in Angola, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. With an eye on social issues (institutional racism, identity problems of those born on Portuguese soil…), we visit the street parties, studios and concert halls of electronic collectives like DJs do Ghetto and the Principe record label, as well as rappers like MC Vado Más Ki Ás and MC Pempas, and producer Dr. Délio Beats. We come to understand the recent evolution of afrohouse, Creole rap, batida and trap, which embody the ghetto’s rage and longings. Traditional music also has its place, shown through Wilson Vilares, who moved from techno militancy to start to the Celeste Mariposa record label and support veterans such as Chalo Correia and Julinho da Concertina. Together, they make up the powerful and passionate rhythm of the Lisbon suburbs, which cries out for recognition.


Thursday 31st October - Warm up with DJ Coastal Cruise (Line Noise) 

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Showing format

IndieMusic Award - IndieLisboa (2019)

in festivals
IndieLisboa, Sheffield Doc/Fest, Auditório Municipal do Fórum Cultural do Seixal, Auditório da Reitoria da Universidade do Porto, Periferias - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Marvão e Valência de Alcântara'19


Rita Maia, Vasco Viana

Claudia Rita Oliveira

Vasco Viana

Sound designer
Hugo Leitão, Rita Maia

Rita Maia, Vasco Viana

Film company

Film distributor

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