Si me borrara el viento lo que yo canto

Director David Trueba
Spain / 89 min. / 2019 / spanish

The revealing story of singer-songwriter Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio and his clandestine 1963 album Canciones de la resistencia española, which became an antifascist symbol in Scandinavia, Latin America and East Germany.


In the summer of 1963, two Swedish students travelled to Madrid with a tape recorder attached to the bottom of the car. Their goal: to secretly record songs by Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio. The terrible repression of the Asturian miners’ strikes and the execution of the communist militant Julián Grimau had echoed strongly throughout Europe, reiterating the anomaly that the persistence of a "national-Catholic" dictatorship implied. That clandestine recording, with songs like “Gallo rojo, gallo negro”, “A la huelga” and “Canción de Grimau”, arrived in Stockholm and were anonymously released, reaping great success in anti-fascist circles throughout Scandinavia and Latin America. This sober, effective and revealing film by David Trueba transports us through excellent anecdotes and indelible memories to a Spain in white, black and gray. And we discover those “hymns” that many mistakenly pegged as Civil War songs: the wayward son of the writer Rafael Sánchez Mazas, founder of the Spanish Falange, co-author of “Cara al sol” and co-author of the slogan “¡Arriba España!". The memories of his ex-wife, the translator and producer Ana Guardione, the journalist Máximo Pradera (nephew of the singer-songwriter) and the poet Jesús Munárriz (friend and musical companion in the university years), reveal the “happening, sparkling and unpredictable” personality of that young man with an abundant history of school expulsions and charges of blasphemy in the anti-Franco university movement, who went from communism to anarchist positions and composed a good handful of pieces that are considered popular songs, which is probably “the best compliment that can be paid to an artist. "




Monday 28th October- Warm up with Dj Baldwin (Tardeo) 

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National Scene

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Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio

David Trueba, Juan F. Losilla Eixarch

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