Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

Director Nick Broomfield
United States / 97 min. / 2019 / English

Emotional portrait of Cohen that revolves around the love born on the Greek island of Hydra, between the singer-songwriter and Norwegian artist Marianne Ihlen. The "genius-muse" pairing takes on epic and tragic proportions.


Two years after Whitney: Can I Be Me, Nick Broomfield (veteran documentary maker known for Kurt and Courtney and Biggie and Tupac), presents his most personal film. A look at the intimate, professional and family life of Leonard Cohen through his relationship with Marianne Ihlen (whom he considered his muse and would dedicate the song "So long Marianne"). A love story that started out in the 60s on the idyllic island of Hydra, in the Saronic Gulf, and would continue for seven turbulent years. In Hydra, the couple would move in the circle of artists that formed around the married writers Charmian Clift and George Johnston, and Cohen himself would come close to losing his mind while writing the novel Beautiful Losers before dismissing his literary career and trying his luck in music. With a diversity of voices and images, Broomfield (as a young man, also a friend and lover of Marianne) portrays a romantic, self-centred and insecure Cohen. He also exposes the collateral damage of the hippie dream and “free love” (families torn apart, people who didn’t know how or couldn’t return from too much acid…) and shines a light on the personality of a woman who drifted (like so many other “muses” of the time), unable to stop adoring the poet who loves her but “cannot be with her”.


Saturday 26th October - Warm up with Famous Blue Rain 


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Showing format

in festivals
Sundance Film Festival (2019), CPH:DOX, Docville, USA Film Festival, Sun Valley Film Festival

Leonard Cohen, Marianne Ihlen, Judy Collins, Ron Cornelius, Helle Goldman, Aviva Layton, John Lissauer, Don Lowe, John Simon, Richard Vick, Jennifer Warnes

Marc Hoeferlin

Barney Broomfield

Music Composer
Nick Laird-Clowes

Kyle Gibbon, Shani Hinton, Marc Hoeferlin

Film company

Film distributor

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