Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl

Director Amy Goldstein
United States / 89 min. / 2018 / English

The vital and artistic odyssey of pop singer-songwriter Kate Nash encapsulates the traps of premature stardom, the drift of the music industry and the titanic struggle of a woman who wants to take charge of her career. Girl power.


In the mid-2000s, Kate Nash leapt in a breath from MySpace to the charts with the song "Foundations." When her music label wanted to dictate how she should sound and dress, and the tabloids began to stir shit instead of talking about her songs, and this teen from the outskirts of London realized that managing sudden success was not going to be an easy task. This is the chronicle of her struggle, pure grit and stubbornness, to stay afloat and live from music without renouncing her integrity. An obstacle course which dishes out one dose of humility after another: a heavy-handed manager, self-managed tours and debts, a move to Los Angeles that does not bear fruit and various side hustles. The story of Nash – a charismatic intelligent and capricious gal, currently known for her role as a fighter in the Glow series – strips the guts out of the pop-rock industry, reflects on how and why it has changed and on the place of a woman who wants to run her own career today. A hard story told in a lively and agile way that it’s as easy to swallow as pop candy.


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Etnia Barcelona presents The Look

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in festivals
Sheffield (2019), Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (2019), Krakow Film Festival (2019), Los Angeles Film Festival

Kate Nash

Caitlin Dixon

Mitch Arens, Amy Goldstein, Nicholas Lattimore Kane

Anouchka van Riel

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