Who Let The Dogs Out

Director Brent Hodge
/ 61 min. / 2019 / English

Woof woof! The crazy and messed up story never told of the hit by The Baha Men that made the world bark in 2000, is the subject of this comical film about its authorship by an obsessive fan turned detective.


Remember "Who let the dogs out", that devilishly catchy beach song that shot some dudes from the Bahamas to fame in 2008, those who called themselves ... The Baha Men? Don’t ring a bell? No worries, the documentary isn’t exactly about that. Ben Sisto, a New Yorker with no job or partner but plenty of free time on his hands, does remember and has spent eight years investigating the origin of that question ("Who let the dogs out?"), which is followed by a sequence of barking that sticks in the brain. And what was initially destined to be a tribute to that classic hit that offered a pop-dance version of the Junkanoo and carnival tradition of the Bahamas and leapt from the Caribbean to the world, selling five million copies, turned out not to be by The Baha Men nor by that 90s singer, nor by the producer who claims his authorship, nor by those DJs who swear they were the original creators, nor by any of those who have been suing each other in the courts for five years ... The investigation unravels a comedy of entanglements and a legal maze that takes us from the Bahamas to London, LA, a baseball stadium in Seattle, Florida and back to the Caribbean. A kooky freak’s obsession becomes an intriguing reflection on authorship and copyright, on what the hell makes a chorus embed itself in the collective memory, and on the thousand and one lives that a song can have.


Tuesday 29th October - Warm up with Dj Sonido Tupinamba (Poly-Rythmo Club) 

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International Official Selection

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in festivals
SXSW 2019

Ben Sisto, Isaiah Taylor, Steve Greenberg, Jonathan King, Keith Wainwright, Anslem Douglas, Gregg Greene, Lita Rosario, Joe Gonzalez, Brett Hammock

John Diemer, Brent Hodge, Jasleen Kaur

Frank Cassano, Brent Hodge, Jasleen Kaur

Brent Hodge, Charlie Ricottone

Music Composer
Jordaniel Bennett, David Menzel

Aly Kelly, Ben Sisto

Film company

Film distributor

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