Our Most Brilliant Friends

Director Piers Dennis
United Kingdom / 68 min. / 2018 / English

This intimate look at the final tour of the English indie duo Slow Club is the sober, beautiful and bitter chronicle of a foretold ending. The mixed feelings of two travelling companions who acknowledge that it was beautiful but know it’s time for them to separate.

You don’t need to know Slow Club or be familiar with the mixture of folk, twee-pop and soul that made them stand out in the indie scene, to recognize that this documentary tells a true story. The debut director Piers Dennis, a friend of the band, for whom he made several videos, captures the mood of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor on their last tour together. The documentary finds elegance in the medium and intensity in the silences. The camera turns on when many would turn it off: banal conversations, dead times, things that are said to the media, the routine of a tour between two friends who know each other better than anyone, and believe that the group to which they have dedicated ten years is drawing to a close. Taylor is dealing with mental health problems for which he needs help he can't expect from his band mate. Watson does not seem to have the strength or desire to continue with the group. And the film – dotted with performances that retain the emotion and the musical spark of the duo – chooses to sidestep any hint of drama, epic or sentimentality. It is, in fact, a very realistic description of what it means to be in a rock group when you fill medium-sized venues and folks recognize you on the street but you can’t afford a road manager, have to change clothes in the loo and there are no professional perspectives in sight. Ultimately, wouldn’t it be great if we could keep the friendship and maybe “One day all of this won’t matter anymore”.

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International Official Selection

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in festivals
Doc'n'Roll London - 2018 Florida Film Festival - 2019

Charles Watson, Lucy Rebecca Taylor


Film company
Riff Raff Films

Film distributor

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