Jai Alai / Fiesta Alegre

Director Marta Javierre, Fernando Gatón
Spain / 72 min. / 2019 / Español

The chronology of the 125 years of the Jai Alai concert hall (Huesca) is also a fascinating history of popular music in Spain told from the periphery, that honors the culture woven by social fabric.

From the Basque ball game that gives its name to the hall, to cabaret and zarzuela, to the emergence of urban rock and heavy metal. From the zarzuela, the charangas, the pasodobles and the boleros to “La Movida” and Ramoncín pelted with vegetables. From ye-ye sounds to the Oscense rock movement and avant-garde electronics. From being a party venue, skating rink or the headquarters of Falangist youth organizations to hosting the first meetings of left-wing organizations during the Transition. The history of the Jai Alai concert venue in Huesca is also a compendium of the history of Spain through the popular music of each era. The documentary starts at the end of the 19th century to lay bare the vicissitudes of a place that has witnessed how the country's social changes left their mark on its walls. And it does so with a ton archival material (tickets, leaflets, posters, press clippings, videos) and a host of voices that form the cortex of the venue: the members of the Peña Alegría Laurentina that has ruled it for decades. It also features the testimony of folks like musician Justo Bagüeste, journalist Luis Lles, Jorge Martínez de Ilegales and  members of Barón Rojo. And what at first glance may seem like a local chronicle of the most traditional hall in the capital of Aragon (in fact, in the whole country) is also a universal story about a motivated and willful community that wants to make and offer music to its neighbors. And a vindication of popular culture made in cafés, cineclubs, athenaeums and recreational clubs, in this case embodied in place from which practically all the inhabitants of Huesca treasure memorable experiences.



Entradas BCN


National Scene

Showing format

Loquillo, Jorge Martínez (Ilegales) Víctor Aparicio (Los Coyotes), Carlos y Armando de Castro (Barón Rojo), Juanjo Javierre (Mestizos), Alberto Pueyo 'Tolo' (Vade Retro), Justo Bagüeste (Rey Lui), Iosu Esnal (Txalupa Concerts), Víctor Manuel Morlán (Orni), Ramón Flores (Los Guaranys), Antonio Viñuales (Los Rayos y Orquesta Lepanto), Bernabé Cuello (Los Gringos y Orquesta Estrellas Negras), Sixto Carrión (Orquesta Osca), Manuel Bara (Orquesta Creación) , Javier Barreiro, Fernando Larumbe, Luis Lles, Javier Martínez 'Javimar', Jorge Ramón y Ramón Lasaosa entre otros

Marta Javierre, Fernando Gatón

Sound designer

Music Composer

Film company
Marta Javierre y Fernando Gatón

Film distributor

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