Ibiza - The Silent Movie

Director Julien Temple
United Kingdom / 91 min. / 2019 / English

Myths, legends and reality intermingle in a fascinating and corrosive history of Ibiza that can be danced along to. From the arrival of the Phoenicians to the ‘new age paradise’, from the Roman bacchanalia to the macro-discos and the ‘Balearic beat’.


Only Julien Temple could tell the geopolitical and cultural history of the craziest island in the collective European imagination. Nobody speaks to the camera and there is no voiceover, hence the "silent movie". The film is a mosaic of archival images, explanatory posters, a historical retaliation of films and animation to the rhythm of a session by Fatboy Slim, who was assiduous the island during the "English invasion." The jocular and intentional anachronisms are non-stop: Joe Smooth's "Promised Land" house anthem gives way to the Phoenician landing; the goddess Tanit of the Carthaginian era still watches over local business posters; Roman troops devastate all Phoenician and Carthaginian vestiges while observing the arrival of ‘low cost’ flights; the hotel promoters of our time invade the coast and destroy the necropolis so as not to paralyze the construction works; from the Roman bacchanalia we jump to megaclubs such as Pachá, Ushuaïa and Amnesia, crowded with tourists and English traffickers; the system of wells that bequeathed Muslim domination signals the water crisis due to tourist overexploitation; Dadaist Raoul Hausmann sees a possible refuge for bohemia on the same island the dictator Franco smells tourism business or the Matutes family builds its empire. And so – with continuous time leaps, the songs of Pet Shop Boys, Primal Scream, 'Balearic Beat' and even Bez, the dancer of Happy Mondays, dressed as Bes, Egyptian god of love and pleasure – this riotous, dance-along film delivers a devastating thesis: "what was once the black sheep of Europe, attracting dissidents and lost souls, is now the refuge of the 1% that own the planet where spirituality and sunsets become currency".




Saturday 2nd November  - Warm up with Solysombra Pinchadiscos

Entradas BCN

Special sessions

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Caroline Richards

Violetta d'Agata, Steve Organ

Music Composer
Fatboy Slim

Richard Conway, Andrew J. Curtis

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