Boy Howdy! The Story of Creem Magazine

Director Scott Crawford
United States / 73 min. / 2019 / English

The thrilling and spilling story of Creem, a pioneering Detroit-born rock critic magazine which, with scathing style and legendary pensters like Lester Bangs, embodied the social and cultural turbulence of the ‘70s.


A dispute could end in a (literal) shit storm on a typewriter. So intense was the day-to-day life of Creem, the magazine born in 1969 in Detroit – the moment and place of intense political and cultural turmoil – that best embodied the more disruptive side of r'n'r and its reinvention during the 1970s. Brimming with anthological anecdotes, a commendable narrative conciseness and great drama, this documentary reviews the tragi-comic and story of a headliner that went from being a commune of social misfits to becoming one of the most thunderous countercultural voices in the United States. The personal relationships of editors and columnists such as Barry Kramer, Dave Marsh and the legendary Lester Bangs are explored in depth, in an eternal internal debate between nihilistic hooliganism and political commitment. And there’s the corrosive and mocking humor of the magazine that received punk with open arms and talked about Reed, Bowie, New York Dolls, Roxy Music and Blondie long before the mainstream press got wind of them. The film raises the question of the role of women in all this, contributing the perspectives of various collaborators with the magazine. Its protagonists and readers chime in, including the writer John Sinclair (MC5’s manager), artist Niagara (Destroy All Monsters), Flea and Chad Smith (RHCP), Michael Stipe (REM), Alice Cooper, Suzi Quatro, Ted Nugent and Redd Kross. The result is a complete and critical vision of an era and of a type of musical journalism that lived and breathed with its shirt off and refused to be constrained by political correctness.

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International Official Selection

Showing format

Freep Film Festival (Spirit of Michigan Award, 2019)

in festivals
SXSW 2019, Cleveland International Film Festival, Freep Film Festival

Jeff Ament, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Cameron Crowe, Michael Stipe, Chad Smith, Kirk Hammett, Thurston Moore, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Wayne Kramer, Lenny Kaye, Chris Stein, Peter Wolf

Scott Crawford, Jaan Uhelzski

Scott Crawford, Jim Saah, Patrick Wright

J.J. Kramer

Film company
New Rose Films, LLC

Film distributor

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