Director Raimon Fransoy, Xavier Puig
Spain / 120 min. / 2019 / Catalan, English

"Ardara": projection with live music.

Special screening of the film Ardara, the first fiction by Raimon Fransoy and Xavier Puig, regular In-Edit musical documentary directors. Ardara, with Bruna Cusí, María García Vera, Macià Florit and Elisabet Casanovas, premieres on 22 November in theatres. In-Edit offers a special show with the BSO played live by its composer Ricky Falkner and the musicians Nico Roig, David Soler, Baldo Martínez and Xavi Molero, with the special collaboration of Núria Graham.


Fiction with a documentary vibe that reconstructs the trip by three young people to an Irish town from which they never returned. A reflection on the act of telling stories and reinventing the past. With a performance by Bruna Cusí and original music by Ricky Falkner.


Ardara is a coastal town in Ulster to which a boy from Menorca arrives following in the footsteps of a trip his parents made years before. There, he befriends two actresses from Barcelona who are also traveling. And all three disappear. Through the eyes of those who knew them as well as the trail they left behind in the form of video recordings, the film seeks to understand why they did not return home. And throughout the journey it reflects on our collective need we to narrate and name our experiences in order to explain the inexplicable. Behind this unique auteur cinema proposal with its documentary resources and impressive photography, is a duo formed of Raimon Fransoy and Xavier Puig, whom we know from the formidable live music recordings of the Tots Sants project and for musical documentaries presented at In-Edit like "Adrià Puntí", "Fort Pienc" (on the Barcelona jazz scene) or "La gent no s'adona del poder que té" (on the Altaveu festival). For this amazing film, they bank on the complicity of the actors Macià Florit Campins, María García Vera and Bruna Cusí (“Summer 1993”) and a beautiful, austere soundtrack by the musician Ricky Falkner (Love of Lesbian, Egon Soda, Standstill) also known as the producer of The New Raemon, Sidonie and Lori Meyers.


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Special sessions

Showing format

Bruna Cusí Echaniz, María García Vera, Macià Florit Campins

Raimon Fransoy

Film company
Elsabeth Produccions

Film distributor

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