Gay Mercader: El gran mercader del Rock and Roll

Director Montse Mompó, Pilar Ruiz Cruz
Spain / 62 min. / 2019 / Spanish

Portrait of the most relevant promoter in our country’s musical history: the guy who dreamed of opening Spain to the international rock circuit during Franco’s reign: Patti Smith, Stones, Doors, Bowie, Marley, Reed, Police ... all came thanks to his boldness.


From his idyllic country semi-retreat, Gay Mercader insists that his priority now is to take care of dogs, horses and chickens. But the mobile phone to which he remains glued at all hours betrays him: he cannot and will not disconnect from his passion and work for nearly half a century:  organizing concerts. The monumental collection of photos and posters that parade through this documentary attest to more than 3,400 concerts he financed throughout his lifetime. And the testimony of folks like Patti Smith or Sting are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to artists that Mercader has dealt with. Raised in Paris with a silver spoon, Mercader landed in the grey Spain of 1971 and, as he could not see the groups he liked, embarked on a "divine mission" to bring them in. The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Mike Oldfield, The Police, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, The Cure, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, AC / DC, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music, Ramones, David Bowie, Iron Maiden, The Who ... This documentary is not limited to reviewing the vast array of international tours that he brought us with his company Gay & Company but, through his confessions and the comments of his inner circle (Loquillo, Jaume Roures, Antonio Miró ...), traces the portrait of a 'workaholic' with a notorious temper who barely slept, for whom there were no Saturdays or Sundays, whose pace of life and his addictive relationship with show-business cost him five partners, and how greatly he fears he will die with his boots on.



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National Scene

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Gay Mercader, Patti Smith, Sting, Iggy Pop, Loquillo, Miquel Barceló, Jaume Roures, Antoni Miró, Joan Roca, Josep Roca, Jordi Roca, Paco Mir, Diego Manrique y Christian De Sica

Montse Mompó, Pilar Ruiz Cruz

Ilde Urban, Toni Mateo

Fali Alvárez

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Film distributor

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