In-Edit nens!: Labyrinth

Director Jim Henson
/ 101 min. / 1986 / English

The film that we have prepared this year for our youngest viewers is one of the undisputed cult fantasy films of the 80s: " Labyrinth" (Jim Henson, 1986). The perfect combination of real characters, puppets, fantasy and music, featuring David Bowie as the formidable Jareth, King of Elves, and Jennifer Connelly in the role of a teenager who must enter a maze to rescue her brother from Jareth’s castle. The product of the boundless imagination Jim Henson (father of the Muppets and author of the newly revived "Dark Crystal"), the film was co-produced by one of his best friends, Star Wars creator, George Lucas.

Sunday, October 27th at 12:00 p.m. at the CCCB Theatre.

Not recommended for children under 7.

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