Nitsa 94/96: el giro electrónico (Closing Film)

Director Àlex Julià Rich
Spain / 60 min. / 2013 / Catalan, Spanish, English

“It all exploded from there”. The legendary Barcelonese club with the revolving dance floor, pioneer of electronica in Spain and cradle to DJ Sideral, explained with loving scratches (Jeff Mills, Angel Molina and more), founders and fans from its birth until the bombastic '90s.


A class act, made with various different means and lots of love, about a place where "things happened." Nitsa 94-96: El giro electrónico is a potted history of that legendary Barcelonese club with its circular dance floor, from its pre-history (when it was called Don Chufo, a classic black dance music club in 1970s Barcelona) passing through its birth (its conversion in the hands of Carles Flavià to Nit S.A), its early days (enter the independent promoter Gabi Ruiz) and its Golden Age – or when the club embraced electronic music and "everything exploded from there." Many voices from diverse places (Jeff Mills, who endearingly reveals whose side he is on by declaring "In Madrid there was absolutely nothing going on" – DJ Zero, DJ Fra, Derrick May, Ian Pooley, Angel Molina, Kosmos...) tell of Nitsa's learning curve, its crimes and misdemeanors ("the press completely ignored us"), its looks (its notorious pacifiers), its musical evolution and famous flyers. It also has hilarious anecdotes (being booed at Primavera Sound) and, of course its swan song – the death of DJ Sideral. His story is that of Nitsa's. And Nitsa was more than a club. 

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Premiere type
World Premiere

Showing format

Sideral, Gabi Ruiz, Zero, Angel Molina, Jeff Mills

Àlex Julià Rich

Andrés Gil

Marc Miró

Sound designer
Albert Clemente

Music supervisor
Àlex Julià Rich

Berta Segura, Sebas Jodar

Film company
Igloo films

Film distributor

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