El Peor Dios

Director Alex Montes, Daniel Arasanz, Nicolás Tarela
Spain / 86 min. / 2013 / Spanish, Catalan

Self-destruction. Drugs. Crime. Punk. So unravels the impossible tragedy of Desechables, the definitive damned band. Al members (including Tere Desechable) explain the darkness, the vice and the bad luck that plagued the Cramps of the suburbs.


Self-destruction. Drugs. Crime. Punk. Suburbs and the working class. Combine the six elements and you'll get something explosive, possibly dangerous, but also an extraordinary saga. That's how the impossible tragedy of Desechables goes: an absolutely damned band. This is a love story to rock'n'roll and its lethal side, and how to carry this love to its bitter end. It's a story of disasters, of reinventing yourself as a rock'n'roller ("Pei was a character that ended up eating me", the drummer confirms), of road accidents, moving towards the darkness and looking for something beyond "these three dimensions". Naturally, this was based on "stramonium, drugs and fasting", depression and the great Desechable legend, when Miguel (the guitarist) tried to hold up a jewelry store with a plastic pistol and ended up dead. The chronicle of this terrible journey, filled with power and macabre punk, is autographed by traveling companions, fans and witnesses of the moment (Decibelios, Ana Curra, Ordovás), but especially by the two surviving members: El Pei and the ever-elusive Tere (vocals). At the end of the day, it rightfully explains the vice and bad luck of the Cramps of Vallirana.


El peor Dios is a three-hand job, directed by Alejandro Montes (ex-bassist of Monstruación), Nicolás Tarela and Daniel Arasanz (winner of the National and Audience prizes at Beefeater In-Edit for his debut documentary Venid a las cloacas: La historia de la Banda Trapera del Río, 2010). 

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Jordi Solà "Pei", Tere González, Marcel Solà "Enano", Jaime Gonzalo, Jesús Ordovás, Ana Curra, Miguel Alférez, Javi González, Ángel Altolaguirre, Ana Torralva, Luis Linacero

Daniel Arasanz, Alejandro Montes

Daniel Arasanz

Nicolás Tarela, Albert Salas, Jordi Pera

Sound designer
Quique Blanco

Music Composer

Alejandro Montes

Film company

Film distributor

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