Música Serve Pra Isso: Uma História dos Mulheres Negras

Director Bel Bechara, Sandro Serpa
Brazil / 92 min. / 2013 / Portuguese

An unclassifiable band in Brazil in the '80s (the Os Mulheres Negras duo): playful, strange experimentalists, uninhibited performers. This elegant film, threaded together with declarations and performances, shines light on their existence.

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It was the most inappropriate name: Os Mulheres Negras (The Black Women). In reality they were two men; "white as lizards" and who had never set foot in Africa. They speak of not adapting, of not fitting in nor wanting to. It's the story of an unclassifiable band from Brazil in the 1980s - experimental, playful, strange, complex performers. "It wasn't a comic band but they worked with humor". There were no limits; they were crazy sons of Tropicália, ridiculous and devoid of intellectual arrogance. They sounded like David Byrne and Caribbean Pop, the new infantile wave, lambada-techno crossed with the silliness of Madness and the carefree attitude of El Último de la Fila. This penetrating film, based on performances and declarations, sheds light on the "third best big band in the world" (as they called themselves) from its tender beginnings in 1984 to its biggest achievements (actually only two albums). It carries the voices of members André Abujamra and Mauricio Pereira but, in reality, it's the voice of Brazil's artistic and cultural scene. A serious documentary about a group that strived for the absurd. 

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Showing format

Best National Documentary (In-Edit Brasil)

in festivals
In-Edit Brasil, FAM 2013, Indie Brasil 2013

André Abujamra, Maurício Pereira

Bel Bechara, Sandro Serpa

Bel Bechara, Sandro Serpa

Bel Bechara, Sandro Serpa

Sound designer
Bel Bechara, Sandro Serpa

Music Composer
André Abujamra, Maurício Pereira

Film company
Macondo Filmes

Film distributor

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