Los Rockers, rebelde rock and roll

Director Matías Pinochet
Chile / 89 min. / 2012 / Spanish

Half of this film is normal: a Chilean rockabilly group with its daily chores, tales and tensions. The other half is an alarming and tragicomic testimony about bad luck, resounding failure, incompetence and dreams in tatters.

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Chronicle of a death foretold – in two parts. The first half of the film seems normal enough; the diary of a decade-old group of Chilean rockabillies. We get to appreciate their daily routines (cooking, drinking, strolling around) whilst they tell us of their lives and worries and reflect on their place in the world. But their lives are hurtling towards a personality clash between their two leaders ("They are like a shitty old married couple", spits a friend). So far so good. But then 'The Project' comes along (after 20 years of wanting to record an album and launch it in Mexico) and everything turns to shit. This is when the grotesque part begins – an alarming and comic-tragic testament to endemic bad luck, abject failure, impossible incompetence and broken dreams. It's like a cross between Spinal Tap and Downfall – everything goes to pieces in a very unheroic way. Enter the communist manager. They play at meetings in front of 30 old guys. They sell 23 copies of the album – the rest get pinched. The Spanish producer disappears leaving a ton of debt. And it gets worse. A moving film that seems to say: it's only rock and roll and it's not worth it. 

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Premiere type
European Premiere

Film web

Showing format

Best National Documentary In Edit Chile 2012

in festivals
In Edit Chile 2012 FIDOCS 2013 Ladakh International Film Festival 2013

Patricio Arias, Walter Eddie, Matías Pinochet, Flavio Pozzi, Los Rockers

Germán Ovando, Matías Pinochet

Germán Ovando

Diego Pequeño, Mauricio García

Sound designer
Erick Del Valle

Music Composer
Los Rockers

Music supervisor
Patricio Arias

Hugo Espinoza, Marlene Vargas

Film company

Film distributor

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