Todos somos estrellas - We all are stars

Director Juan José González , Salvador Sepúlveda, Salvador Marina
Spain / 76 min. / 2013 / Spanish

A touching film about Tabletom - the group utterly damned since 1975, heretics of Andaluz rock - but also about Malaga, hash, eternal friendship and priceless music. With an anthology of fans: Raimundo Amador, Extremoduro, Kiko Veneno, Los Delinqüentes and more. 

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If you good people aren't from Malaga or thereabouts, you've probably never heard of Tabletom (or "Tabletong" as they pronounce it in Andaluz), and yet they're a legendary group in southern Spanish musical history. Tabletom are so quintessentially from way down there that their charismatic singer Roberto gets his own subtitles to help us decipher his thick accent. This warm film revolves around them – a group damned since 1975, heretics of Andaluz rock, introducers of the Canterbury thang to those parts –, but it's also about Malaga in general, smokers' paradise, eternal friendship and priceless music. This is, without doubt, an epic saga of hardcore chums and pure love of what you are jamming: they all admit that they never had such a blast as when they played for eight hours straight in their commune, in the middle of the countryside. Punk left them for dead, but not even that could curb their desire to do their own thing. Todos somos estrellas could be summed up in the quip by Machado that starts the film: "only a dummy confuses love and money". An unpaid love that nevertheless recruits an anthology of fans: Raimundo Amador, Extremoduro (who cover their "Me estoy quitando"), Kiko Veneno, Los Delinqüentes, Luz Casal and more. 


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Robe Iniesta, Luz Casal, Raimundo Amador, Kiko Veneno, Los Delincuentes, Javier Ojeda, Juan Miguel González, Kutxi Romero, Ricardo Pachón, Tony Moreno, ángel Idígoras.

Salva Sepúlveda, Juan J. González, Salva Marina, Nacho Albert

Salva Marina, Salva Sepulveda, Juan J. González, Pablo Accino

Sound designer
Miguel Olmedo, Salva Marina

Music Composer


Film company
Albahaca Multimedia

Film distributor
Albahaca Multimedia

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