Triana Pura y Pura

Director Ricardo Pachón
Spain / 73 min. / 2013 / Spanish

In the '50s, the gypsies of Triana were kicked out of their neighborhood. In 1982, they got back together for their last big party. This gorgeous unseen film celebrates the end of an unbreakable lineage, in a unique evening of flamenco and joy that becomes an ode to a world gone by.


Don't even ponder whether you like flamenco or not. You'll see that it doesn't matter an iota for this film. This is a story that would be world famous... if it had taken place in Alabama. It's a saga too impressive, romantic and full of pure life to remain in the closet. It goes like this: In the '50s, the gypsies of Triana – who had been there since the 15th Century – were kicked out of their neighborhood for dubious financial motives. In 1983, immune to dejection and discrimination, they reunited to celebrate their last big knees-up at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville. This joyful and completely unseen film celebrates the end of an "indomitable lineage", with a unique evening of flamenco and rejoicing in an ode to a disappearing world. It's not about the big names, although they're here (Raimundo Amador, Manuel Molina, Lole Montoya), but the real flamenco dancers and singers of the 'hood: Pepa La Calzona, El Titi, El Pati, El Filigrana, El Herejías, El Farruco... Divine beings and humans that crush their sadness through song and dance, through pure love of music and of life, and that is captured by Triana pura y pura before they are extinguished forever. And with them, their art.


Ricardo Pachón is one of the most relevant flamenco producers there is (Smash, Ketama, Pata Negra, Veneno, Lole y Manuel, and Camarón's La Leyenda del Tiempo). He was the scriptwriter on the series El Ángel for TVE in 1984, among others. 

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Premiere type
World Premiere

Showing format

Raimundo Amador, Manuel Molina, Ricardo Pachón, Matilde Coral, Farruco, Lole Montoya, El Titi, Carmen Montoya, Jose Lérida, Pepa La Calzona, El Herejía, Tragapanes, Carmen la del Titi, Pastora la del Pati, Manolita Domínguez, Gloria Filigrana

Ricardo Pachón, Gervasio Iglesias

Mercedes Cantero

Juan Manuel Linares, Mariano Agudo

Sound designer
Jose A. Manovel

Ricardo Pachón, Gervasio Iglesias

Film company
La Zanfoña Producciones, SL, Flamenco Vivo

Film distributor
La Zanfoña Producciones, SL

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