Director Matt Wolf
Germany, United States / 78 min. / 2013 / English

A monumental saga of adolescence from 1904-1945, according to Jon Savage. This emotive story of burning youth, rebellion, utopia, and rhythm advances through the two World Wars with Boy Scouts, German Swing Kids and Flappers. This needs to be seen twice. Awesome. 


It seems like teenagers have always been here among us, but if truth be told, the term has only been used for the past century. Prior to its invention, one passed from kid to adult without all that commotion. This monumental chronicle of the discovery and triumph of adolescence 1904-1945 follows the lines of the writer Jon Savage in his namesake book. An admirable sociology and history lesson, turned into a feature-length documentary, which starts with the abolition of child labor in 1904 and wraps up its smooth world conquering of youth at the dawn of the rock'n'roll and the pop eras. Few people had entered this territory before, but Teenage fuses meticulousness and emotion to peel an emotive narrative on burning youth, rebellion, and oodles of rhythm. The voices and declarations of original teenagers of all the different eras, mixed with songs and dances, propel us through the two world wars, at the hands of Victorian hooligans, boy scouts, German swing kids, flappers, Wandervogels and Bright Young People, but also the Hitler Youth. You gotta watch this one twice. 

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Showing format

in festivals
Hot Docs 2013, Tribeca 2013


Jon Savage, Matt Wolf

Joe Beshenkovsky

Nick Bentgen

Sound designer
Mark Henry Phillips

Music Composer
Bradford Cox

Music supervisor
Anh T. Do, Niki Robertson, Paul Tao

Ben Howe, Kyle Martin

Film company

Film distributor
The Works International

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