Naked Opera

Director Angela Christlieb
Germany, Luxembourg / 81 min. / 2013 / Luxembourgish, German, French, English, Italian

Marc Rollinger, fading millionaire, travels from one city to another following Don Giovanni and hooking up with male prostitutes. A dementia-riddled world of unimaginable luxury, a shameful and sharp character, a pure carpe diem existence and an opera that overflows with emotion. 


This is one strange film. The subject is Marc Rollinger, a millionaire who's dying for opera and about to die. Rollinger travels from one city to another chasing renditions of Don Giovanni, an activity he combines with dates with male prostitutes. The wonder of Naked Opera is how it manages to penetrate the shell of someone so insular and private. Rollinger is a surprising sort of chap, and one worthy of a slew of adjectives: loquacious, indecent, suspicious and tyrannical, bitter and abusive but also susceptible, solitary, acerbic and observant. He compares himself to penguins ("clumsy out of their own environment, skilful within it") - an analogy that illustrates his secret life perfectly. Angela Christlieb, the director, films this succession of young men and high-class pornography, interlacing it with observations by Rollinger (a natural-born documentary star: shrewd, controversial, mysterious, fading, cultured, and obsessed with carpe diem) and fragments of Don Giovanni. What a combo: a dementia-riddled world of unimaginable luxury, a double life, a diva-esque epicurean as its star, an existence far from normal and an opera that seeps emotion.


Angela Christlieb studied video art and experimental film at Berlin Academy of Arts. Her two previous documentaries are Cinemania (1999), which she also produced, and Urville (2009). 

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Showing format

Heiner-Carow-Preis (Berlinale 2013)

in festivals
Berlinale, Discovery Zone Festival, DocAviv

Marc Rollinger

Patricia Fürst, Philipp Reimer, Angela Christlieb, Bady Minck

Pia Dumont

Jerzy Palacz

Sound designer
Loic Collignon, Michel Schillings

Music Composer
André Mergenthaler

Bettina Brokemper, Bady Minck

Film company
Amour Fou Luxembourg, Heimatfilm

Film distributor
Autlook Filmsales GmbH

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