Pauls Planet

Director Aleix Barba, Marc Sirisi
Spain / 90 min. / 2013 / Catalan, Spanish

Who is Paul Fuster? In an attempt to discover, we follow the folkie gypsy on his tour de Catalonia. This isn't a tour movie, but the crude profile of a strange Catalan-Yankee nomad. Gerard Quintana, Gossos and El Petit de Cal Eril question this particular shaman.


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Who the bleep is Paul Fuster? Here we have a mysterious figure (an American singer-songwriter with Catalan parents, and a professional beatnik) that we meet in the throes of his tour de Catalonia. It goes like this: the folkie shaman has been away for seven years, but he's back. Bored of staying in one place - Cardona (his mother's hometown) - this biblical-looking musician sets off on a 60-day Catalan tour. On a bike. That he built himself. Pauls Planet gets up-close and personal with this musician in his attempt to regain "contact with the people" and play at local level, revealing his private side and weak points. Fully prepared to "change rock'n'roll attitudes", Fuster breezes from place to place, stopping here and there (Cardona-Borredà: 57km). On the road, we get acquainted with this nomadic "gypsy", prodigal sage dissected by El Petit de Cal Eril (who declare: "He's a bastard because he's so advanced. This is the future of music"), Xarim Aresté and even his own father, cardiologist Valentí Fuster. The film ends, appropriately, with Fuster dedicating a song to his coffeepot. 'Cos that's how he rolls. 

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Paul Fuster, Gerard Quintana, Jordi "Nore" Freixa, Joan Pons "Petit de Cal Eril", Francesc Viladiu, Xarim Aresté, Valentí Fuster, Pau Gener, Juanjo Muñoz, Magda Bonet, Pep Mula, Jaume Catà, Reche

Aleix Barba, Marc Sirisi

Aleix Barba, Marc Sirisi

Music Composer
Paul Fuster

Music supervisor
Juajnjo Muñoz

Mireia Badia

Film company
RV Films

Film distributor
RV Films

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