Cuchíbiri cuchíbiri

Director Carles Prats
Spain / 85 min. / 2013 / Catalan, Spanish

Cuchíbiri cuchíbiri is the history of Catalan rumba according to Peret. His gospels from La Cera Street to the new generations. Stories of stardom and desertion, and a revision by friends like Chacho and Ramonet. And a lot of venting, live and now.


Cuchíbiri Cuchíbiri is the history of Catalan rumba according to Peret. His vision. His gospel from the beginnings to the new generations. Stories of stardom, race and family but also of his disenchantment with the music industry and abandonment. It gives us the man that took charge of his destiny with sheer determination and talent, only to later say thanks and goodbye. The documentary goes back to his early days, the Hermanos Montenegro duet that Peret formed with his cousin Pepi. From there we look at three rumberos who took different paths; Peret, Chacho and Ramonet. The first ended up selling millions of records and sharing the stage with the greats. Charo, the 'cool' rumbero that played the piano, released a healthy number of records but never reached mass success and Ramonet ended up selling clothes. Cuchíbiri Cuchíbiri probes the lesser-known facets of Peret's life; when he gave up music in order to dedicate himself to the Evangelist Church of Philadelphia, and how his godchildren convinced him to come back. From a climax to a happy ending with the next generations of the saga; the innovative funk of Lady Gipsy and the pure classicism of Miliu. And it don't stop. 

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Peret, Chacho, ramonet, Tía Pepi, Tío Toni, Peret Reyes, Johnny Tarradellas, Candeli Reyes, Petete, Abraham, Jorge Ragna, Miliu, Soraya, Jack tarradellas

Carles Prats, Jorge Ragna

Pau Bacardit

Francesc Olivé

Sound designer
Cora Delgado

Music Composer
A.A. V.V.

Film company
Rollout Producciones

Film distributor

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