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160 metros, una historia del rock en Bizkaia

Álvaro Fierro, Joseba Gorordo - Spain – 2014 – 65’

The distance between the two sides of Bilbao river marks two different planets, and the left doesn’t bask in the sun. Eskorbuto and Zarama vs. the Getxo Sound. A film that speaks of social classes and cultural chasms, but also of urbanism, modernization and history.  

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20,000 Days on Earth

Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard - United Kingdom – 2014 – 97’

Drama and reality join together in these fictional 24 hours in the life of the musician and cultural icon Nick Cave. Beyond being an intimate and honest portrait of the artistic process, this film looks into what makes us unique and celebrates the transforming capacities of a creative spirit. 

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American Interior

Dylan Goch - United Kingdom – 2014 – 88’

Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) goes looking for John Evans, an ancestor of his who left Wales in 1792 in search of an Indian tribe that spoke Welsh. Rhys retraces his adventure along the length and breadth of the American interior through gags, fantasy, PowerPoints and pop.

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As the Palaces Burn

Don Argott - United States – 2014 – 90’


A film about the metal group Lamb of God and its worldwide fans turns into a thriller when Randy Blythe (its singer) is accused of murder, following the death of a fan in the Czech Republic. A disturbing drama packed with emotion, twists and turns and deafening rock n roll.

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Beautiful Noise

Eric Green - United States – 2014 – 87’


A master class on noise guitar. All the groups great and small (Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Ride, Slowdive...) explained with patience and profoundness. Trent Reznor, Robert Smith and Billy Corgan join the analysis. 

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Broken Song

Claire Dix - Ireland – 2013 – 67’

A further example of hip-hop as a lifeline: this time among problematic teens from Dublin’s roughest neighbourhood. A moving tale of solidarity and friendship, of guys –Costello, Willa, GI  – searching for a light. Filmed with great beauty and unbelievable rhythm. 

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Conducting Mahler

Frank Scheffer - Netherlands – 1995 – 75’

A Mahler festival in 1995 celebrates the complete cycle of symphonies by the Austrian composer. Illustrious conductors (Claudio Abbado, Simon Rattle, Riccardo Chailly...) examine the maestro’s theatricality, humour… and perpetual sadness. And how to perform it.

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Dexys: Nowhere is Home

Kieran Evans, Paul Kelly - United Kingdom – 2014 – 90’

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Europe in 8 bits

Javier Polo Gandía - Spain – 2013 – 75’

“Super Mario on LSD”. The scene of primitive chip scrap merchants that recycle Nintendos and Game Boys with perverse intentions: new music! A film that transcends the alienness of a private club and becomes a monument to a beautiful (and egalitarian) art. 


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Frank Zappa - Phase II - The Big Note

Frank Scheffer - Netherlands – 2002 – 89’


“Without deviation from the norm, progress is impossible”, said Zappa. George Duke, Gail Zappa and Dweezil Zappa show us the artist as a musician first and foremost, and not as a freak or a natural-born troublemaker. Includes fascinating footage of a barefaced Zappa playing a bicycle.

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Gozaran - Time Passing

Frank Scheffer - Germany, Netherlands – 2011 – 87’


“I’m going to make the impossible, possible”, or Mahler in the Persian world. The story of how director Nader Mashayekhi founded a classical music orchestra in Iran. His interrupted (and dangerous dream) becomes a film filled with poetry and change. 

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How to get out of the cage

Frank Scheffer - Netherlands – 2012 – 52’

If you blink, you’ll miss an aphorism. The most lucid mind in advanced music and guru of silence talks here to Scheffer about James Joyce, the I Ching, Duchamp, Zen stories and of how his best friends are those he doesn’t understand. The polar opposite of simple.

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I Am Divine

Jeffrey Schwarz - United States – 2013 – 90’

The brave story of the sexiest, most fearsome and hilarious drag queen of the silver screen, of her appearance in a hostile era to her triumph at the hand of John Waters. Sadness and fundamental rage transformed into glittering madness. Divine didn’t come out of the closet: she smashed it open.  

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I Dream Of Wires

Robert Fantinatto - Canada, United Kingdom, United States – 2013 – 96’


An educative film about machines that make music. From the dawn of the electric era of Moog (“the Kleenex of synthesizers”), MiniMoog, DX7 and Korg 700. Inventors and musicians (Daniel Miller, Gary Numan, Erasure, Ultravox...) enlighten us on the oscillators that changed the world. 

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I Need A Dodge

Nick Hall - Spain – 2014 – 66’


Joe Strummer’s secret days in Granada, when he abandoned The Clash to escape pressure and depression. His lost “dodge” is the thread we follow to trace his Andalusian footsteps alongside 091, Radio Futura and a boatload of local buddies (plus some ex-Clash members).  

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Jingle Bell Rocks!

Mitchell Kezin - Canada, United States – 2013 – 94’

It may sound eccentric, but it’s equally exhilarating. The catharsis of a Christmas carol collector that nurses his wounds through sleighs and Santa Claus. We enter into an obsessive subculture at the hands of the obsessed and their treasures (The Free Design, Bob Durough, Clarence Carter and Run DMC). Deep.

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Johnny Winter: Down And Dirty

Greg Olliver - United States – 2014 – 95’


The tortuous path of the albino guitarist. An epic poem with all the elements of the rock canon, where Winter – sarcastic and southern – overcomes addiction and rough patches to let us in on his improbable survival. Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry and loadsa bluesmen accompany him.

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Aaron I. Naar - Cuba, Japan, United States – 2014 – 90’

Matthew Stoneman (“Mateo”) is the Mariachi Gringo. A specky Yankee pussy that earns a crust strumming Cuban music in bars. A sincere examination of overflowing otherness: prison, prostitution, Cuba, love of music and a tremendous star.  

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My Secret World - The Story of Sarah Records

Lucy Dawkins - United Kingdom – 2014 – 112’


Ethics and passion in their purest form. A tender, detailed analysis of the 100 names on Sarah Records, possibly the most indie of all indie labels, from 1987 to 1995. Heroics and belligerence, fanzines, jangle guitars and incorruptible attitude. A true inspiration.  

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Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets

Florian Habicht - United Kingdom – 2014 – 90’

Pulp and Sheffield as inseparable elements. This couldn’t have happened anywhere else. Old folks, kids, fans and fishermen examine the group of the common people. Pulp – reluctant pop stars – talk about doing their thing. And Jarvis changes a car tyre.

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