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FAKE! Instrucciones para rodar un documental musical. With Venga Monjas

Archive images and cranky concerts, musical peaks and troughs, devoted fans and interviews with elders, recognition of I was there and predilection for I'd have given my right arm to be there... It's clear that the music documentary has its own rules, and each one is different. A generation touched by the experimental and the televised, by poetic justice and parody in unequal doses. Indescribable flag-bearers of post-patriotic humour, Venga Monjas give a conference on how to make the ideal music documentary. What to do and what not, in a session filled with surprises. 

Conference spectacle with Venga Monjas 

(Foto: McKeyhan for Underbrain Mgz )

» Auditori Blanquerna. Thursday, November 4th. 19:30h
Free (attending to venue capacity)
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