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Opening 2010:: Barcelona era una fiesta

By chance, Beefeater In-Edit and Barcelona start with the same letter. Not by chance, from the get-go one of our main interests has been reflecting the pulse of Barcelonese and Catalan music through documentaries. This means maximizing the moments in which the vitality and vigor of new generations of musicians awaken the support of new audiences.

As festival followers have already noticed, memory has an important role at Beefeater In-Edit, given that in life, like in art, we're the result of what others were before us. That's why, this year, for the eighth edition of the festival, we're proud to include a documentary like "Barcelona era una fiesta (Underground 1970-1983)" to inaugurate a new Beefeater In-Edit.

With this documentary, we want to express that we form part of a tradition, an urban tradition that vitally and creatively exploded not so long ago. We can trace the lines of what we are today from what we were in the not so distant past, within the context of a city that rewrites itself everyday, just like Barcelona itself. And we want to stick around and keep re-writing it. A warm welcome to you all.

We are delighted to welcome Morrosko Vila-San-Juan, director of the documentary, and some of those who star in it to the inauguration. 

» Aribau Multisalas Sala 5. Thursday, October 28th. 21:30h
Only with invitation (Same thursday, from 19:00h, if available, tickets will be sold at Central Box Office)
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