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Visual Phonic presents A Page of Madness


Visual Phonic presents an audio-visual piece based on the essence of the seventh art, silent movies, and on the live creation of a new soundtrack for each film, using exclusively vinyl records. An interesting symbiosis is formed from the visual and expressive power of the silent film, and the strength of the music to accompany the images and evoke atmospheres and emotions.


A concept based on classic silent films, with a musical soundtrack selected especially for each film by an expert DJ, from among his vast record collection and played live on two turntables and a mixing desk, in the search for new creative performances.


The Visual Phonic soundtracks are musical expressions created especially and exclusively for a silent film, according to the artistic criteria of each DJ involved. They are structured and ordered like sonic phrases that strengthen the narrative thread of films in this era prior to sound, or which can even offer new interpretations and meanings.


Soundtrack: Javier Verdes
Film: A Page of Madness / 1926 / Teinosuke Kinugasa / Japan / 70 min

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» Aribau Club 2. Monday October 31st 22.30h
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