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WIP: Antonio Vega. Tu voz entre otras mil

Paloma Concejero claims that the first time she heard the recordings of the conversations between Antonio and Bosco Ussía, author of the singer’s biography, she felt “so excited it sent shivers up my spine”. This documentary provides a similar sensation, earning its title from the chorus of the song “Persiguiendo sombras”, with the subtitle “Vega como no lo has visto antes”. If the recordings in question were the first brick of this building, the second consisted of throwing the Manichaeism of catastrophe, the tortured legend that surrounds Vega, overboard, with the intention of revealing the lesser-known and more unusual aspects of his personality. As such, it relies on the complicity of his family and also his adopted families: his musicians and those who gave him shelter and hospitality at some moment of his life. Abundant unseen footage – recordings in Super 8, graphic testimonies and photos from his personal archives, oh and incursions into the places that defined and inspired his songs complete this ambitious portrait of one of the greatest figures in Spanish pop.

Encounter with the director PALOMA CONCEJERO, the producer JAIME DE LA PUENTE and CARLOS VEGA and projections.

» Auditori Blanquerna. Friday 28th / 19:30
Free Entrance
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