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WIP: Adrià Puntí. El rosari de l'Aurora

We enter the kitchen of El rosari de l'aurora, a journey through the musical imaginary and ups and downs of Adrià Puntí, one of the most unique and inimitable creators of Catalan pop. A production as frenetic and surreal as its star, which Xavier Puig, Raimon Fransoy and Marc Ruiz began embracing more than three years ago, and which today divulges the ins and outs and delicious unseen footage. As production is in full swing, its dossier reveals all the habitual – and essential – letters of support for the project to seek funding, this lifestage of every documentary that transforms it, once completed, into a miracle, and in most cases, into an odyssey. Out of all of them, we particularly dig one by Quimi Portet, in which he highlights what he calls the “inescapable” importance of this documentary “its poetic temple, linguistic brilliance and exquisite musical inspiration make (from Punti’s work), an essential testament to our contemporary culture, and constitute a powerful antidote against the boredom that our secular political sadness and the precariousness of our cultural activity project on the lyrical segregations of this country.”

An encounter with XAVIER PUIG, RAIMÓN FRANSOY and MARC RUÍZ and projections.

» Auditori Blanquerna. Saturday 29th / 19:30h
For free (just depending on the venue capacity)
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