Parallel Activities


Fancy an aperitif with a DJ? Here you go, one the two festival Saturdays, from 12h to 16h, we’ll be waiting for you on the roof terrace of the Hotel Pulitzer. Vermouth, sun and fine music! 

» Hotel Pulitzer. Saturday October 29th and November 5th from 12 to 16h


Meet La Cantina, a festival bar that will only exist while the festival is taking place (11 evenings in October and November) and whose objective is to become a natural meeting point among the public, festival team, filmmakers and anyone else that wants to stop by and say “hi!” in a very inclusive and sociable edition of the festival. Food created with film festivalgoers in mind, a great selection of music, lots of surprises and festival spirit are the bases upon which we’re gonna put up our pop-up bar: La Cantina.

» All days of the festival, at Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 576. -

Los días 4 y 5 de noviembre la Facultad de Comunicación y Relaciones Internacionales Blanquerna, en colaboración con Beefeater In-Edit, organizará un taller audiovisual DIY (Do It Yourself) sobre el movimiento punk a cargo del realizador Kikol Grau. En dos sesiones, los asistentes podrán acercarse al concepto de apropiación de imágenes y a la construcción de piezas audiovisuales a partir de material encontrado en Internet a fin de generar narrativas propias entorno al género punk. Más información AQUÍ.

» Facultad de Comunicación y Relaciones Internacionales Blanquerna. Pl. Joan Coromines. Friday November 4th, 18h-20h. Saturday November 5th, 10-14h.

This year we’re debuting the Beefeater Live! sessions, designed to warm up the mood before the last screening at the Aribau Multicines cinema. Each day we’ll invite a musical selector to play a soundtrack for the evening and we’ll open a bar inside the cinema to prove that waiting in line can also be an awesome experience.


Friday 28th - Supersonic
DJ Ignasi Trapero


Saturday 29th - Fonko
DJ Safura - Tania Adam (Radio África Magazine)


Sunday 30th - Omega
DJ Panko


Monday 31st - Eat that Question - Frank Zappa in His Own Words
Selector Jesús Brotons


Tuesday 1st - Blur: New World Towers
DJ Sergi Marín


Wednesday 2nd - Raving Iran
DJ Egres


Thursday 3rd - Keith Richards - The Origins of the Species
DJs Jesus Moreno y Jordi Güell

Friday 4th - Strike a Pose
La Rara Team


Saturday 5th - Gimme Danger
DJ Roger Estrada


Sunday 6th - Gimme Danger
DJ Roque Molina


In collaboration with Reloop and HK Audio.

» Aribau Multicines 5. Every day (except for the inaugural night), 45 minutes before the last session


Visual Phonic presents an audio-visual piece based on the essence of the seventh art, silent movies, and on the live creation of a new soundtrack for each film, using exclusively vinyl records. An interesting symbiosis is formed from the visual and expressive power of the silent film, and the strength of the music to accompany the images and evoke atmospheres and emotions.


A concept based on classic silent films, with a musical soundtrack selected especially for each film by an expert DJ, from among his vast record collection and played live on two turntables and a mixing desk, in the search for new creative performances.


The Visual Phonic soundtracks are musical expressions created especially and exclusively for a silent film, according to the artistic criteria of each DJ involved. They are structured and ordered like sonic phrases that strengthen the narrative thread of films in this era prior to sound, or which can even offer new interpretations and meanings.


Soundtrack: Javier Verdes
Film: A Page of Madness / 1926 / Teinosuke Kinugasa / Japan / 70 min

» Aribau Club 2. Monday October 31st 22.30h
Free entrance until complete capacity


Some of the directors and artists featured in the documentaries will accompany us during the course of the festival to present their films, and take part in Q & A sessions with their viewers.


The following directors and artists have been invited to present their documentaries:


Beth Formaggini: Director of the documentary Xingu Cariri Caruaru Carioca.

Daniel Arvizu. Director of the documentary The Origins of Music.

Daniel Torres and Jaime Ballada. Directors of the documentary Joan Manén. Variacions sense tema.

Danny García (Director of the documentary Autosuficientes) and Ana Curra (Parálisis Permanente).

David Álvarez. Director of the documentary Lo que Hicimos fue Secreto.

Ingrid de la Torre. Director of the documentary Sin Permiso.

Jorge Leiva. Director of the documentary Quilapayún, más allá de la canción.

Jose Luis Tirado. Director del documental NO, A Flamenco Tale.

José Ramón da Cruz. Director of the documentary Geometría del Esplendor.

Julien Temple. Director of the documentary Keith Richards: The Origin Of The Species.

Kikol Grau. Director of the documentaries Las Más Macabras de las Vidas, Inadaptados, No somos nada.

Lars Loven. Director of the documentary Fonko.

Matthew Jones. Director of the documentary The Man from Mo'Wax.

» Consultar programa. Check program.


With Jaime Gonzalo (writer and journalist, author of “La Banda Trapera del Río: Escupidos de la boca de Dios”, “The Stooges: Combustión Espontánea” and “La Ciudad Secreta”) and Roger Peláez (co-manager of the podcast Maximum Clatellot, cartoonist and singer in the groups Zombi Pujol and Budellam). Moderator: Toni L. Querol.

» Aribau Club 2. Friday November 4th following the screening of "Jubilee"


With David Álvarez (director of the documentary) and Joni D (author of the book "Que pagui Pujol!” and ex member of Antidogmàtics, Juanito Pikete and Mataesquiroles and Pixamandúrries) and Jose M. Calvo (singer of Delincuencia Sonora). Moderator: Jordi Turtós. 

» Aribau Club 2. Friday November 4th following the screening of "Lo que hicimos fue secreto"


DOC ALIVE, our love affair with live music in the cinema. To coincide with the screening of A Fat Wreck, a documentary that commemorates the 25-year history of the influential punk label Fat Wreck (NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name), we proudly present a special acoustic set–solo and accompanied only by his the guitar– by Duncan Redmonds, cofounder of the veteran English hardcore group Snuff and current member of Toy Dolls.

» Aribau Club 2. Tuesday November 1st 21.45h

A Poem is a Naked Person
Two emerging artists on the scene, Masclans and Rogert Usart, offer a repertoire of 25 minutes of León Russell classics.
Following the screening of the documentary, Tuesday 1 November at 18:15h at the Aribau Club 2 cinema.

Joan Manén. Variacions sense tema
The violinist Kalina Macuta, who appears throughout this entire documentary, will play two pieces by Manén on one of the musician’s violins, provided by his family.
Following the screening of the documentary, Sunday 30 October at 17:30h at the Aribau Club 2 cinema.

Melody Of Noise
The multidisciplinary artist Eli Gras, offers a demonstration of self-created, hand-built instruments to complete the screening of Melody Of Noise.
Following the screening of the documentary, Wednesday 2 November at 22:00h at the Aribau Club 2 cinema. 

The Sad And Beautiful World Of Sparklehorse
Antu Saltor, The Missing Leech, Ran Ran Ran and Ilsen choose six pieces from the Sparklehorse songbook, to pay tribute to the career of the revered Virginia band.  
Following the screening of the documentary, on Saturday 5 November at 22:00h at the Aribau Club 2 cinema. 


I Called Him Morgan
The trumpeter Fèlix Rossy, son of the drummer and pianist Jordi Rossy, will perform some favourite pieces by one of his childhood icons, Lee Morgan.
Following the screening of the documentary, on Thursday 3 November at 21:45h at the Aribau Club 2 cinema. 


» Aribau Club 2. -


BUG returns for a third consecutive year to Beefeater In-Edit with a new showcase of music and videos, that shines a light on our spiritual home, London. BUG began life at the BFI Southbank in London, exploring the latest and most brilliant, strangest and sometimes completely extraordinary video clips and carrying them to the cinema screen. Hosted by the writer, comedian, commentator and director Adam Buxton, this special show for Beefeater In-Edit 2016 is a prime opportunity to see some of the most iconic, British video clips on the big screen, and gawk at how their directors got inspired by London to make them. 

» Aribau Club 2. Thursday November 3rd 19.30h
Free entrance until complete capacity


All songs and images are stimuli looking for a response from whomever is listening or watching. At Beefeater In-Edit we’ve planned our chat with Don Letts like this: we’ll play him songs and images that he doesn’t know about in advance (but which are linked to his career), and he’ll respond with anecdotes, reflections and his habitual salt-shaker based on what he sees or hears.

In collaboration with The British Council

» Aribau Club 2. Wednesday November 2nd 19.45h


Thursday November 3rd 3; From 9:30h to 18:30h
Sede SGAE Catalunya (Passeig de Colom, 6)

Free-entry with the exception of the networking lunch, which requires reservation by following these instructions. The capacity for the talks are limited, so we recommend you to reserve your spot here



The mix is one of the most delicate and creative processes within the production of a song. Its aim is to achieve balanced distribution of frequencies, volumes and presence of the instruments/voices in a way that will make them pleasant to listen to and/or align with what they seek to transmit.



9.30h – 11.30h – Sala Mompou
Every 30 minutes, two speakers from different disciplines will give us their point of vie won a specific subject, moderated by a professional that will endeavour to spark a debate that goes beyond the “me” to talk about the stuff that really interests us. Public or private managements, how do creators move among festivals, what’s better – local curators or the complete opposite? 


Table 1: Public vs. Private Management. Speakers: Andreu Garrido (Performing Arts and Live Music Consultant), Xavi Urbano (Black Music Festival Say It Loud promoter) Moderates: Pepe Salazar (Cultural manager and OFFF Festival manager)

Mesa 2: The Importance of Curating. Speakers: Pau Corbalán (Creator of, collaborative platform for concerts). Moderates: Anna Cerdà (Cultural Manager, Curator at MACBA and director of Festival Pop Arb)

Mesa 3The Importance of the Festivals for Creators. Speakers: Marc Crehuet (Filmmaker), Louise Samson (singer). Moderates: Raül de Tena (Journalist, director of Fantastic Plastic Mag).


In collaboration with Catalunya Film Festivals.


12.00h – 14.00h - Sala Mompou
Discover the 10 keys to connect the film industry with the future generations. We invite you to discover possible answers through a co-creative session between industry professionals, trend and innovation experts and millennial consumers.


Ponents: Ian Garrido (graduated at ESCAC, his short VíctorXX received the third award at the section Cinéfondation in Cannes), Max Martí (Music journalist at the website Indiespot), Ariadna Solera (graduated at Bande à Part, she works with Xcèntric and CCCB), Alba Riera (Co-director of the creative studio Opio Studio). Moderates: Berta Segura (Director of the DMentes agency, specialized in trend data analysis, innovation and youth culture). 


In collaboration with Catalunya Europa Creativa Desk - Media Catalunya.   

14.00h – 16.00h Sala Club
All the guests from the activities days, and all the Festival guests will join us for lunch so that all interested parties can have one-to-one meetings to share experiences and knowledge.
To attend the lunch, please reserve in advance. Places will be limited.
In collaboration with Catalunya Catalan Films.


Cultural consumption habits analyzed from different international perspectives. Are they as similar as we expect?
16.00h - 16.45h Sala Mompou
When we consider the culture consumer in general, and the audio-visual consumer in particular, we always end up applying a western perspective. But, what really happens with the audience around the world? Brazil, Russia, Denmark and Mexico will be the countries summoned to reveal their various different perspectives.


Speakers: Marcelo Andrade (Director of In-Edit Brasil Festival), Elena Bocharova (Managing Director and Co-founder of the Beat Films Festival in Rusia), Morten Tang (Programmer at the Danish Film Institute, Dinamarca). Moderates: Gorka Meneses (director of In-Edit Mexico Festival).

In collaboration with Europa Creative Desk - Media Catalunya, and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), through its Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE).

Polishing the glass ceiling?  Women in music, media and culture
17.00h – 18.00h Sala Mompou
Music, film and communications media form a triumvirate in which half the population isn’t always equally represented. Four experts from the sector offer a light-hearted but poignant analysis of the challenges to bear in mind in the globalized world, from their own experiences in these industries.


Speakers: Michelle Carey (Artistic Director at the Melbourne International Film Festival), Ivone Lesan (Promoter at Clippers), Silvia Cruz (music journalist and writer). Modera: Lucía Lijtmaer (journalist and writer, Director of the Festival "Princesas y Darth Vaders"). 

In collaboration with Europa Creative Desk - Media Catalunya, and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), through its Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture Cultura Española (PICE).


Sponsor Coffee break: Café Illy


Download the full program of the talks + bio of the speakers here. (in Spanish)


Apply for your industry accreditation here.

» Sede SGAE Catalunya (Passeig de Colom, 6). November 3rd, from 9:30h to 18:30h
Free-entry with the exception of the networking lunch, which requires reservation and payment in advance.


On Saturday 5 November, during the festival’s closing ceremony, the Jury’s decision will be revealed and the prizes awarded for the best national and international documentaries.


The 2016 jury members are as follows:


Jury for the official international section:

Morten Tang: Morten Tang is the co-founder and managing coordinator of Musikfilm Festivalen (The Music Film Festival) hosted by The Danish Film Institute/Cinematheque in Copenhagen. Morten Tang has been with The Danish Film Institute since 2002 in a number of positions within the organisation, and currently works as programmer, press coordinator and project manager for the DFI Cinematheque. Before joining the DFI and managing Musikfilm Festivalen, Morten was engaged as music critic at various magazines and newspapers and contributed content to several programs at Roskilde Festival. He also programmed and coordinated the first edition of the Sound & Vision program at the major international documentary film festival CPH:DOX.


Jin-Su Chun: Jin-Su Chun is a Programmer of Jecheon International Music & Film Festival in South Korea since 2006. He studied philosophy and filmmaking in Korea and then worked as an assistant director and directed some music videos in South Korea. He’s also written many articles on music for many journals and magazines in Korea. He also studied documentary film at the university Paris 8.


Alyona Bocharova: Alyona Bocharova is a co-founder and managing director of the Beat Film Festival, international documentary festival with a focus on music and modern culture that takes place in Moscow and 15 other cities across Russia. Alyona used to work as Artistic Director for several film venues such as Pioner Cinema and the Documentary Film Center before dedicating herself to the festival. In 2014 she also co-founded a distribution company Beat Films that functions as the festival's distribution arm. 


Michelle Carey: Michelle Carey is Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival, where she has been since 2007 (previously Senior Programmer and Accelerator Coordinator). She has been an editor at Senses of Cinema online journal and a programmer for the Melbourne Cinémathèque. She has previously worked for the Adelaide Film Festival, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the AFI Research Collection, among other screen culture organisations. Further back, she was involved in DIY music distribution and radio in the 90s.


Fermín Muguruza: Fermin Muguruza is a musician and a filmmaker. His career started in the early 80s when he founded one of the most influential bands in the basque music scene, Kortatu. He later created a new band, Negu Gorriak, and the label where he would publish his albums Esan Ozenki. In 2008, he ventured in the cinematographic world and directed his first documentary, Checkpoint Rock. Canciones desde Palestina. From then onwards, he combines his two passions in order to create new projects.


Jury for the official national section:

David Casademunt: This filmmaker and ideas man graduated from ESCAC, specializing in directing. He’s made video clips for Pablo Alborán, Antonio Orozco, Nena Daconte, Love of Lesbian, Chenoa, Manuel Carrasco... His two short films Jingle Bells and La Muerte Dormida have been awarded more than 45 international prizes. He codirected Rumba Tres. De ida y vuelta, winner of the best national documentary prize at In-Edit Beefeater 2015.


Sonia Sánchez: TV director that specializes in fiction. Sonia’s directed series such as Infidels, Majoria Absoluta, Via Augusta and Jet Lag, among others, mini-series (Barcelona Ciutat Neutral) and TV movies (Mobbing, Les nenes no haurien de jugar a futbol). She’s currently on the production team for Tria 33.


Marta Salicrú: Marta Salicrú is editor-in-chief and music editor for the Time Out Barcelona magazine/ She’s co-author of the book Putos himnes generacionals (Empúries), collaborates with Rockdelux magazine, and with the BTV program Àrtic, and lectures on pop culture en la ESCAC.

» Aribau Multicines 5. Saturday November 5th


This year, the inauguration will have a flamenco twist (sui generis): we’re presenting the world premiere of Omega, the documentary by José Sánchez-Montes and Gervasio Iglesias about the legendary album recorded by Enrique Morente with Lagartija Nick in the mid ‘90s.


The directors will attend the presentation, alongside Antonio Arias (Lagartija Nick) and members of the Morente family.

» Aribau Multicines 5. Thursday October 27th
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