Beefeater In-Edit presents: Mixing Room


Thursday November 3rd 3; From 9:30h to 18:30h
Sede SGAE Catalunya (Passeig de Colom, 6)

Free-entry with the exception of the networking lunch, which requires reservation by following these instructions. The capacity for the talks are limited, so we recommend you to reserve your spot here



The mix is one of the most delicate and creative processes within the production of a song. Its aim is to achieve balanced distribution of frequencies, volumes and presence of the instruments/voices in a way that will make them pleasant to listen to and/or align with what they seek to transmit.



9.30h – 11.30h – Sala Mompou
Every 30 minutes, two speakers from different disciplines will give us their point of vie won a specific subject, moderated by a professional that will endeavour to spark a debate that goes beyond the “me” to talk about the stuff that really interests us. Public or private managements, how do creators move among festivals, what’s better – local curators or the complete opposite? 


Table 1: The Importance of Curating. Speakers: Julián Viñuales (Editor at Malpaso Ediciones and founder of Global Rhythm Press and Papel de liar), Pau Corbalán (Creator of, collaborative platform for concerts). Moderates: Anna Cerdà (Cultural Manager, Curator at MACBA and director of Festival Pop Arb)

Table 2: Public vs. Private Management. Speakers: Andreu Garrido (Performing Arts and Live Music Consultant), Oriol Roca (Artistic direction adviser at MMVV 2011 to 2016. Promoter and cultural events producer). Moderates: Pepe Salazar (Cultural manager and OFFF Festival manager) 

Table 3The Importance of the Festivals for Creators. Speakers: Marc Crehuet (Filmmaker, theatre director, scriptwriter and playwright), Louise Samson (Member of the band Anímic and the label B-Core). Moderates: Raül de Tena (Journalist, director of Fantastic Plastic Mag).


In collaboration with Catalunya Film Festivals.


12.00h – 14.00h - Sala Mompou
Discover the 10 keys to connect the film industry with the future generations. We invite you to discover possible answers through a co-creative session between industry professionals, trend and innovation experts and millennial consumers. introduction by Berta Segura (Director of the DMentes agency, specialized in trend data analysis, innovation and youth culture). 


Ponents: Ian Garrido (graduated at ESCAC, his short VíctorXX received the third award at the section Cinéfondation in Cannes), Max Martí (Music journalist at the website Indiespot), Ariadna Solera (graduated at Bande à Part, she works with Xcèntric and CCCB), Alba Riera (Co-director of the creative studio Opio Studio and trends' analyst at DMentes and Fundación Creafutur). Moderates: Marta Carrasco (Trends' analyst and cultural maanger at DMentes).

In collaboration with Catalunya Europa Creativa Desk - Media Catalunya.   

14.00h – 16.00h Sala Club
All the guests from the activities days, and all the Festival guests will join us for lunch so that all interested parties can have one-to-one meetings to share experiences and knowledge.
To attend the lunch, please reserve in advance. Places will be limited.
In collaboration with Catalunya Catalan Films.


Cultural consumption habits analyzed from different international perspectives. Are they as similar as we expect?
16.00h - 16.45h Sala Mompou
When we consider the culture consumer in general, and the audio-visual consumer in particular, we always end up applying a western perspective. But, what really happens with the audience around the world? Brazil, Russia, Denmark and Mexico will be the countries summoned to reveal their various different perspectives.


Speakers: Marcelo Andrade (Director of In-Edit Brasil Festival), Alyona Bocharova (Managing Director and Co-founder of the Beat Film Festival in Russia), Morten Tang (Programmer at the Danish Film Institute, Dinamarca). Moderates: Gorka Meneses (director of In-Edit Mexico Festival).

In collaboration with Europa Creative Desk - Media Catalunya, and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), through its Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE).

Polishing the glass ceiling?  Women in music, media and culture
17.00h – 18.00h Sala Mompou
Music, film and communications media form a triumvirate in which half the population isn’t always equally represented. Four experts from the sector offer a light-hearted but poignant analysis of the challenges to bear in mind in the globalized world, from their own experiences in these industries.


Speakers: Michelle Carey (Artistic Director at the Melbourne International Film Festival), Ivone Lesan (Promoter at Clippers), Silvia Cruz (journalist). Modera: Lucía Lijtmaer (journalist and writer, Director of the Festival "Princesas y Darth Vaders"). 

In collaboration with Europa Creative Desk - Media Catalunya, and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), through its Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture Cultura Española (PICE).


Sponsor Coffee break: Café Illy


Download the full program of the talks + bio of the speakers here. (in Spanish)


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» Sede SGAE Catalunya (Passeig de Colom, 6). November 3rd, from 9:30h to 18:30h
Free-entry with the exception of the networking lunch, which requires reservation and payment in advance.
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