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If there is one thing that, has continuously surprised the festival organisers since its birth in 2003 is its rapid growth! We always thought that the assimilation of music and cinema would undoubtedly capture an audience in a spectacular way… but we were thinking always about a close maximum. 16 editions and 35.000 spectators later we are not so sure about wher'es this maximum. Here's a brif summary of our short, but intense, history in terms of audience:



We are delighted about our constant rise of attendees over the last few years and even more delighted by our simultaneous international expansion. During its second year In-Edit was approached by a group of people 12.000km away in Santiago, Chile who showed interest in doing a sister festival,  off course we welcomed this idea with open arms,  wishing to spread the good energy of music and films throughout the world.  We are exceptionally pleased to say in 2009 our wish has come true with IN-EDIT Festivals reaching Buenos Aires, Argentina,  Sao Paulo, Brazil and Puebla (Mexico). After a stop to breath a little bit and learn about the different IN-EDITs grown Germany joined the family in 2011, with a first edition in Berlin. Show must go on!


We have made also a concerted effort not  to make the festivals content exclusive to the Barcelona audience but to share the In-Edit Festival experience with others throughout the country. For several years we have been active in forging collaborations with other  festivals, such as Territorios (Seville),  Dock of the Bay (Donostia), Cineuropa (Santiago de Compostela) and SOS4.8 (Murcia) along with institutions such as the Film Library in Murcia and local authorities such as in Lanzarote, Canary Islands amongst many more. These relationships have enabled music documentaries to spread its power throughout the country.


Some important guests and moments we have received during these years:

D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus (2010) Albert Maysles (2008) Don Letts (2007)

Carlos Carcas & Bebo Valdés (2007) Stewart Copeland & Lian Lunson (2006) Joe Boyd & Mario Pacheco (2009)

Julien Temple (2009) Ricardo Pachón, Raimundo Amador, Tomatito & José Sánchez-Montes (2009) Vincent Moon (2009)

Justin Kniest (Fabchannel) vs RJ Bentler (Pitchfork) @ 2009
Sabino & Loquillo (2008) José González & Fredrik Egerstrand (2010)

Nacho Vegas (2008-2010) Danny O'Connor & Alan Mc Gee (2010) Sam Dunn & Scot McFadyen (2007)
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