The International IN-EDIT network

» Little by little, with a strong acceleration during 2009, Inedit Producciones' activity (with the festival as the flag, but also from the distribution angle), transcends the state lines and has now disembarked in Chile, Brazil, Greece, Colombia, The Netherlands, Argentina, Mexico and Germany. In 2018, more than 96.000 spectators lived the In-Edit experience worldwide.




Since 2004

Barcelona's first-born son has lived in Santiago de Chile since 2004. It was born fit and healthy and over the years it has become the reference in South America. For Barcelona, it's always been seen as a mirror, given that the parallels between the two stories are surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) similar. 


The 16th edition will be held from April 29th to May 4th 2020


More info on their website and Facebook page. And the video of its last edition, here!   


Since 2009

Its head office it's Sâo Paulo but has easily spread to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia and other brazilian cities. Does anybody doubt about the existence of a music documentary festival in a country so melodic such as Brazil?


From 12th to 23th June 2019 we celebrate the 11th edition.


More info on their on their website and Facebook page. And the video of its last edition, here


Since 2014

After six years, Greece already has two relevant editions in different cities, Thessaloniki andAthens. No Greek fan will be hungry of documentaries! 


From 17 to 21 April 2019, the 6th edition was held in Athens, and Thessaloniki is now in its 6th edition.


More info on their website and Facebook page. And the video of its last edition, here


Since 2017

The second edition confirmed what we already suspected, that Amsterdam is a perfect city for In-Edit. We grew in public, guests and media coverage, and yes, we have a festival for a while!


From April 4 to 7 2019, it was held for the second time.


More info on their website and Facebook page. And the video of its last edition, here




2009, 2010

Buenos Aires has always been a city that seemed ideal as a venue for the Festival. Music and cinema in Argentina? Surely they'd jump at the chance. And that's how it went... It came, it saw, and it conquered. More than 10.000 spectators in the first three-day edition are clear proof of its success.


Since 2011

Since we started to grow internationally we've always thought about a second festival in Europe. At last, we did it in 2011 in the, always, attractive city of Berlin. A first edition that reminded us so much our Barcelona 1st edition. Let's wish for them a growth similar to the one we had.


2009, 2010, 2015

Following the footsteps of the Barcelona Festival as guest Festival at the Guadalajara Film Festival in 2008, the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture in Puebla decided that the Festival made sense in Mexico. And so it did. Some years later, the audience asked for their comeback and in 2005 was back in the country, this time in Cuernavaca. 


Since 2013

With they yearly edition of the festival, Bogota has become the compulsory time for cinema and music lovers. There is no way back, this is only becoming bigger and bigger!


More info on their website and Facebook page. And the video of its last edition, here

Since 2017

Peru has become one of the most powerful countries in South America and Lima made it to be our key city in the Latin market. A delightful first edition.


More info on their website and Facebook page. And the video of its last edition, here

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