20,000 Days on Earth


United Kingdom

97 min.



Best Director (Sundance 2014), Best Edition (Sundance 2014), Fipresci Award (Internacional Festival Estambul 2014)
Sundance Film Festival 2014, Melbourne International Film Festival 2014, Berlinale Film Festival 2014, Bafici Film Festival 2014
Nick Cave, Susie Cave, Warren Ellis, Darian Leader, Ray Winstone, Blixa Bargeld, Kylie Minogue, Arthur Cave, Earl Cave.
Jonathan Amos A.C.E
Nick Cave, Warren Ellis

Avalon Distribución Audiovisual

Drama and reality join together in these fictional 24 hours in the life of the musician and cultural icon Nick Cave. Beyond being an intimate and honest portrait of the artistic process, this film looks into what makes us unique and celebrates the transforming capacities of a creative spirit. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The session taking place on Saturday 1st (Closing Gala), is not included on the Basic, Medium or Large Voucher. To attend, single ticket is required.


It's all true and it's all a lie. This is fiction with tattered corners. This is a magical documentary. 20,000 Days on Earth invites us to spend 24 hours with Nick Cave on his twenty-thousandth day on Earth. But it's an impressionist day where, like in a David Lynch film, you're never entirely sure where you're treading. At time, it resembles In Treatment, as an earnest Cave chats with a psychiatrist about the death of his father and his deepest fears (losing his memory because "memory is all we are"). But suddenly, it's pure Mulholland Drive with The Bad Seeds' frontman cruising in his Jaguar and shooting the shit with Kylie Minogue and Ray Winstone. These ghostly presences, these ectoplasmic beings drift in and out like ghosts of Christmas past, after deeply musing the human and the divine with our man. There are even scenes that smack of the everyday ("I get up, I write, I eat), and as we observe the Aussie watching TV with his kids, we're unsure where the fantasy begins and the mundane ends. 20,000 Days on Earth is pure artifice. 20,000 Days on Earth is pure reality. And it's full of music, art and existential reflection. Nobody talks like this, but somehow only Nick Cave could talk like this. What a very wild day. 

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