I Need A Dodge! Joe Strummer on the run

Director Nick Hall
Spain / 67 min. / 2014 / Spanish, English


Joe Strummer’s secret days in Granada, when he abandoned The Clash to escape pressure and depression. His lost “dodge” is the thread we follow to trace his Andalusian footsteps alongside 091, Radio Futura and a boatload of local buddies (plus some ex-Clash members).  


Or Joe Strummer's secret days in Granada, when he left The Clash in the lurch to flee pressure and depression. I Need a Dodge! Joe Strummer On the Run returns to the scene of the crime and delves into what Quiero tener una ferretería en Andalucía uncovered at In-Edit 2012. This time it's an English director, Nick Hall, that guide us through that Strummerian lost weekend. "I've come here to feel the pain of the wound", declared a lacerated post-Clash Strummer on Spanish radio. His lost car (he bought a Dodge Barreiros and parked it gawd-knows-where) is the thread that follows his ghostly Andalusian footsteps. 091, Radio Futura and a boatload of local amigos – plus some ex-Clash members – retell a story that smacks of a legend: the apparition of a bearded Strummer in Granada ("there's a foreigner here asking for you"), the Clash asking where the f*** their front man is, the troubled recordings of the 091 album; a man searching for himself. A frustrated and bruised being that fled to where the Spanish Bombs led him and left his indelible footprint on the southern city. And you know what? This dramatic version of Dude, Where's My Car? even satisfies our inner detective and... finds the Dodge! 

Barcelona Screenings
Sunday 26 20:00 Aribau Club 1
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Thursday 30 17:00 Multicines Sala 5
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Sunday 26th, 20:00, Presented by the Director
Madrid Screenings
01/11/2014 20:00
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in festivals
CBGB Music & Film Festival, New York

Joe Strummer, Santiago Auserón, Gaby Holford, Nick Sheppard, Pete Howard, Luis Auserón, Jose Ignacio Lapido, Antonio Arias


Joel Rojas, Andrés Villa


Film company
Tindog Films

Film distributor
Richard England
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