The Jump! WTF Experience



85 min.

Catalan, English, Spanish


Not yet released
Not yet released
Aurelio Santos, Pere Ferré, Wally Besser and the musicians from the WTF Jam Sessions
AVED Producciones

Motion Pictures

What The Fuck! is Barcelona’s most long-standing jam session. 11 years of “free music”, passion and verve. From spring to winter, the film goes from musician to musician talking about Aurelio Santos - “the Quijote on every subject ”- the vibrations, the history since the ‘60s, the feeling on the streets. Every Monday. At Jamboree.

They resisted every obstacle. What The Fuck! is Barcelona's most long-standing jam session. It's got 11 years under its belt. 11 years of "free music", passion and verve, often against all odds: the financial crunch, dwindling interest in live music, lack of public funding. The engine behind it all is Aurelio Santos, "activist and percussionist", "the Quijote on every subject", who embodies WTF: "Absolute disorganization". Aurelio exaggerates, although it's fair to say he's the "conductor of a disorganized orchestra". The Jump! WTF Experience captures the atmosphere of this place "where people lose their minds", and contrasts it with life on the street. It's the year 2012. Inside, there's jazz, hip-hop, reggae, soul, funk and Latin; outside, there are evictions, general strikes, disturbances and cuts. From spring to winter, the film goes from musician to musician (the best of every style) endeavouring to discover what the f*** WTF has got. Aurelio Santos is conspicuously absent from the interviews, which merely serves to intensify his legendary stature, like that of a patriarch shying away from the light. The Jump! WTF Experience also travels back in time, to the dawn of the first Jamboree in the '60s. The era of Tete Montoliu, Pere Ferré and Phil Hand of The Jazz Brothers. From yesterday today, WTF is here to stay. Every Monday. At Jamboree. 

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